Lindsay Kellerman: "It takes strength to resist the dark side. Only the weak embrace it!"
Hell Burnbottom: "It is more powerful than you know..."
— Lindsay Kellerman and Hell Burnbottom[src]

The Dark side was a primary aspect of mutantry. Those who used the dark side were known as either Darksiders, Dark Side Adepts, or Dark mutants when unaffiliated with a dark side organization such as the NoHeads. Unlike the S.M.S.B., who were famous for using the light side, darksiders drew power from raw emotions and feelings such as anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, fear, aggression, megalomania, and unrestrained passion.


"Evil began in a time before recorded history, when magicians made themselves into kings… and gods… using the powers of the Dark side. The weak-minded have ever been ready to obey one who wields great power. Those who learned the powers of the dark side were quick to exploit this weakness — to make war. Again and again the dark side has surged forth, like a storm… devouring whole worlds and entire star systems. Those who mastered dark power became dark power. They unleashed destruction, for no other reason than for selfish gain. They despoiled nations… destroyed whole civilizations. Some of them, I am ashamed to say, were once righteous."

The dark side was an aspect of mutantry, a metaphysical power that bound the world together. The first known users of the dark side were the ancient Velecta, an alien species that conquered a large portion of the galaxy around 30,000 BC. These aliens were able to harness the dark side to create engineering feats unheard of in their time, such as the hyperdrive. However, the Velectan Infinite Empire eventually collapsed when the Velectans lost their connection to mutantry.[1]

It is unknown how the light side was discovered, but Lord Xamera's ancestors were rumored to have discovered the Dark side. They created the Legions of Metta. Because there were few mutated users of the Light side, the Knights went unopposed for years. However, they fell during the Battle of the Appalachians by the police, who advocated using both sides of mutantry and placed heavy emphasis on maintaining balance between the two.

In the 1940s, millenia after the fall of the Infinite Empire, scientists, philosophers, priests, and warriors gathered in New York to discuss and investigate an anomalous energy present throughout the universe. The group was able to discover the light side. Eventually however, members of the group discovered and began to advocate the use of the dark side.

Nature Edit

Allure of the dark sideEdit

"That ship is alive with the dark side, Sheriff. I can feel it clinging to my uniform. And worse, it still tempts me, calling me back with promises of fantastic journeys to the far reaches of the world."
Jason Williams[src]

The NoHeads call it enlightenment; however, no records explain exactly how a conversion to the dark side takes place. For some, the dark side was extremely attractive and almost impossible to reject. Every time a person in tune with mutantry called on the dark side, they became more addicted to the power it brought them. The dark side's corrupting influence could take control of a mutant in certain moments. Although the S.M.S.B. primarily characterized the dark side as little more than a dangerous shortcut to power, those who embraced the dark side did so for various reasons.[1]

Some believed the dark side to be more generous than the light, as it provided power, strength, and determination. Many of the Knights of Metta held this idea and believed it foolish of the police to restrict themselves to a lesser interpretation of mutantry. Some fell to the dark side for the sake of knowledge, such as Sebiscuits in his fight to discover where he belonged.[1][2]

Some fell to the dark side because of a natural connection with it. In some cases, S.M.S.B. members who had had limited control over the light side found their power and natural talent massively stronger in the dark side. Others fell because they saw the light side and the endless rules that the S.M.S.B. demanded to maintain it as too much to follow, as well as too limiting to their influence on the world. They saw the dark side and its tenets of free passion, action, and emotion as a much better alternative to a life of sterile servitude under the light. Some also converted because they felt that the dark side at least got things done, instead of the patience and pacifism of the light. Among these people were Karrid Yera, Sebiscuits, and Xamera.

Others believed that it was a necessary evil in dire times, such as Centauri, while Krenea the Kinetic embraced it so she might be able to find a way to destroy mutantry as a whole. She also believed that the contrast of the dark side was necessary for a lightsider to truly understand mutantry.[3][4] Some embraced the dark side not out of personal desire, but as a means to battle the police, as Avara did.[5] For many, like Mr. Stupid NoHead, Abalan, and Mr. Odious NoHead, the dark side was the first side of mutantry to which they were introduced and thus they did not succumb to it.[1][6][7] Often the call of the dark side was felt following a personal tragedy, as Baby Intelligence and Centauri experienced following the death of loved ones.[8][3] Others turned to it in times of need or distress, such as Smasa and Mr. Devastating NoHead.[9][10] In addition, it was possible to be drawn to the dark side by proximity to a nexus of dark side energy, such as the Valley of the Dark Lords in Gorravan.[10]

Though their pasts and situations were varied, almost all who turned to the dark side did so because they faced challenges and difficulties that they felt the light side was incapable of helping them overcome. The changes these individuals underwent that led them to the dark side were clearly a result of their life experiences up to that point, and their willingness or unwillingness to resist the emotive forces that pulled one over the threshold of its allure and power.[1] Among the most powerful of those emotive forces — which lightsiders were ever cautioned to resist and darksiders were ever admonished to embrace — are fear and anger, for both can lead to hate, which, as Baby Intelligence was quick to caution, ever lies only a stepping-stone away from the realm of the dark side.

Fear was most often the starting point in a slide to the dark side — for, like a plague, it could quickly and rampantly affect individuals, groups, entire populations of cities, and even planets; and like a stream that becomes a raging river, it led naturally to anger, chaos, and unbridled power, if left unabated. When fear was thus allowed to fester and go unchecked, it could take hold and create a concentration of dark side energy that bordered on being something that approached a vergence or nexus in mutantry. Mutants could, often with great facility, detect such concentrations.

Fear of the dark sideEdit

Xamera: "Don't threaten me. Children are frightened by spirits — officers are not."
Diana Rana: "Mmmm. But they are frightened by the dark side… or at least they should be. Your fascination with the dark side will get you into grave trouble."
— Xamera and Diana Rana[src]

As the dark side was often associated with darker emotions, darksiders were portrayed to the world as savage and evil. The S.M.S.B. disagreed so strongly with the purpose of the Dark side that they distanced themselves from anything possibly related to the dark side. They also made it part of their mission to neutralize any and all practitioners of the dark side by whatever means necessary, though killing them was usually a last resort. After the Second NoHead War, Baby Intelligence placed many limitations on his students to protect them from temptation by dark side influences. For the most part, he forbade members romantic attachments, relationships with their families, and any type of action based on anger. These limits came from the belief that those members who had deep personal attachments with loved ones also had motivation to use the power of mutantry selfishly for protection, personal enrichment, or the pursuit of more power.[11]

Many — especially those who had embraced the dark side — believed this to be a result of fear. Often those who held this belief looked down upon the S.M.S.B. and other lightsiders, criticizing them for cowardice and inaction.[5] Many NoHeads and even a few officers mocked the police for claiming to strive to understand mutantry while refusing to study everything it had to offer. They claimed that the police scrutinized a single layer of mutantry, while they dug beneath layer after layer, understanding and evolving. Many NoHeads have expressed this viewpoint. Kenzie claimed that the S.M.S.B. refused to accept that mutantry encouraged conflict, allowing those who survive to understand it better. Mr. Stupid NoHead claimed that the NoHeads embraced all aspects of mutantry, not just "the unrefined, shortsighted view of the S.M.S.B." And Annabeth stated that the thing that united the NoHeads was that they "did not repress their emotions, and they embraced everything that mutantry allowed."

As the dark side was often associated with infamous historical figures, such as Lord Smasa, Mykew Hadeline, and Mr. Stupid NoHead, it is unsurprising that many throughout the world would harbor such animosity to its users. Many expletives were also associated with the dark side, including "By the Dark Side!," "Chaos take me!," "Holy NoHead!," and "Minions of Quake!"[12][10]

Death of Dark side usersEdit

"Too bad we don't have a Dark mutant handy we could kill. Remember that big blast when Emily died?"
―Summer Petersen[src]

Certain dark side users, upon being killed, would explode in a blast of blue energy. Emily Watson exploded in this way in 2012 after being thrown down a reactor core shaft in Tower Placement School by Summer Petersen. Lord Smasa did not explode, but rather dissolved into dark side energy upon his death, leaving no remains of his body. It remains a mystery why these individuals died in this manner while other dark side users, such as Mean King, did not.[13][14][12][15][16]

Mysteriously, when Rachel Bradley was struck down by Abalan and thrown into the mouth of a giant gargoyle, she died in a way similar to the explosions mentioned above, but was in no way a dark side user. The reason her death occurred in the manner it did has yet to be clarified. It may be that this occurred when a more powerful mutant was killed and thus mutant "side" affiliation may be irrelevant.[7]

Notes and References Edit

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