A Dark mutant is any superpowered person who primarily studies and/or practices the Darkness. They may also possess some dark objects like Death crystals or partake in the illegal breeding of Dark creatures.


Some of the powers Dark mutants have been known to practice includes use of lightning and mind control, creating or brewing dark experiments, putting to use/using dark objects, animating Arboc[1], and attracting all kinds of Dark creatures to make huge armies and command them to attack their enemies[2]. Noted Dark mutants include Verpus the Foul, Lord Gorn, the Dark Flame, and Mr. Stupid NoHead, as well as the latter's followers, known as NoHeads.

Types of mutants Edit

Others who might be considered Dark mutants are the owners and customers of shops such as Korxar and Gaals, and arguably students of Lazar Institute, as the curriculum there teaches much of the Darkness[3]. Many Dark mutants appear to believe in the importance of mutant superiority and to hate Fobbles, though there is not necessarily a connection.

Known Dark mutants Edit

Mr. Stupid NoHead-0

Mr. Stupid NoHead, the most notorious Dark mutant of modern times

Annabeth body

Annabeth Black, an infamous dark mutant

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