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"I am the new past. I am the new future. I am the answer this world has been looking for."
―Daphine snaps Baby Strength and Force Baby's swords[src]

Daphine (born c. 2019) was a half-blood mutant, the daughter of Mr. Stupid NoHead and Rotta Hecks. Being the only living child of Mr. Stupid NoHead, Daphine became the only known living heir of Valarie Lethletera after the demise of her father. Daphine was imprisoned in Beta Prison for the murder of Stanley Cacer.


Early lifeEdit

Daphine was born in secret at the Fourth NoHead Base in the mid-to-late 2010s as the result of a liaison between Rotta Hecks and Mr. Stupid NoHead. In 2020, both of her parents were killed in the Second NoHead War. Rotta's husband, Greg Hecks, died sometime around Daphine's birth. This left the infant Daphine an orphan as her father had been. She immediately returned to the Third NoHead Base. At some point before he died, Brute Gunray told Daphine about her true heritage and the prophecy he believed she was meant to fulfill.

An ambitious planEdit

At some point, Daphine found Caleb Kirke, passing herself off as his niece, Daphine Kirke, and to ensure he did her bidding.

On 31 August, 2020, Caleb Kirke went to Baby Intelligence and urged him to use a Time Machine to go back in time to the Battle of Yellowstone and save his daughter, Lisa, who was murdered on the orders of Hell Burnbottom after breaching his fortress.

Baby Intelligence refused, but his pupil, Baby Strength, overheard the conversation and later, along with his friend, Force Baby, decided to help the Kirkes to alter history and save Lisa. Baby Strength and Force Baby visited the nursing home where Caleb Kirke lived and where Daphine, posing as his niece, pretended to take care of him.

Baby Strength, Force Baby, and Daphine sneaked into the State Capitol and stole a Time Machine. Using the Time Machine, Baby Strength and Force Baby seriously altered past events, creating two alternative realities, with the first seeing Lindsay Kellerman the bitter Defense Against Darkness teacher while Telekinibabe was expelled from the S.M.S.B., and the second seeing a world where the S.M.S.B. lost the Battle of Yellowstone. After many attempts, including Baby Strength being erased by their changes, Force Baby managed to restore the correct timeline, and decided to destroy the Time Machine on their own, not trusting the government to destroy it.

Baby Strength then sent a message to Daphine. She arrived to the MBH just in time to see how he planned to try to destroy the Time Machine. Baby Strength wanted to apologize to her that they would not be able to go back in time to save Lisa. He and Force Baby explained that in the new reality they had created, Lisa’s humiliation had turned her into an angry, bitter young woman who became a NoHead Recruit and eventually murdered Sebiscuits Cardarphen before he could destroy Nagatha, helping to usher in the era of the Dark Lord. Daphine said that Lisa would have understood, suggesting they should destroy the Time Machine together, and explain to her uncle why Lisa would not be saved.

Exposure Edit

After Baby Strength handed her the Time Machine, both boys noticed the NoHead Sign on her arm. Daphine said it was an Augurey. The boys realized she was an enemy based on Force Baby recalling references to 'the Augurey' in the timeline where Mr. Stupid NoHead won, but Daphine reached out with the Darkness and bound them together.

Daphine planned to travel back in time to ensure Lisa's survival in the third task of the Tournament (Unable to go back to the first two as the boys' actions made those events too temporally unstable). Baby Strength refused, but she threatened to kill Force Baby. Stanley Cacer Jr, a young pedestrian, rushed up to say that the whole city was looking for them, then was killed by Daphine immediately, similar to the nature of her parents who didn't hesitate to kill.

Daphine took Baby Strength and Force Baby back in time with her, but they refused to cooperate. As Daphine prepared to kill Force Baby, she was struck from behind by an unsuspecting Lisa Kirke, who thought the scene was simply part of the Battle of Yellowstone. She freed the boys before returning to the battle.

Then Daphine staggered to her feet and picked up the Time Machine, but Baby Strength and Force Baby managed to grab the device. They raced through time once again, but once they arrived, Daphine destroyed the Time Machine and flew away.

Baby Strength and Force Baby discovered that they had been transported to 5 August 2013 — the day before the NoHead Cataclysm. The babies realized that Daphine intended to stop Mr. Stupid NoHead from trying to kill Paige, and thus triggering the destruction of his army when Paige rebounded and massacred the NoHeads.

Meanwhile, the boys' master was looking for them. Cardarphen told Baby Intelligence he had seen Baby Strength with a baby girl the night before. Baby Intelligence thought he must mean Daphine Kirke, Caleb’s niece. They went to see Caleb, who told them that he never had a niece.

The adults raced to the Fourth NoHead Base and found there writings revealing Daphine to be Mr. Stupid NoHead's daughter and that she believed she could restore him to power following the words of a prophecy.


"You can't remake your life. You'll always be an orphan. That never leaves you."
―Baby Intelligence's words to Daphine about her father[src]

Baby Strength and Force Baby were able to send a message to their Master by leaving a message under the latter's old baby blanket, shortly before this final trip back through time. Now aware of where their friends were, Baby Intelligence, Telekinibabe, Sebiscuits, and Lindsay headed back to the Third NoHead Base in 2013 using another Time Machine in order to help the babies. They found Baby Strength and Force Baby, and all of them hid in a church, from which they could look out for Daphine without being seen.

Baby Intelligence volunteered to disguise himself into the cloak of Mr. Stupid NoHead, assisted by Baby Strength, and lead Daphine into a trap. The others planned to wait in the church behind the large wooden doors until Baby Intelligence was able to lure her inside.

Daphine finally appeared and Baby Intelligence (disguised as Mr. Stupid NoHead) pretended not to know who she was. She explained that she was the child of Mr. Stupid NoHead and Rotta Hecks.

He told her that together they could become an unstoppable force, but then Baby Strength removed the hood briefly. She saw that she was actually speaking to Baby Intelligence, claiming she had studied him and knew him better than her father did. She locked the doors to prevent the others jumping out to help. Without a sword, Baby Intelligence was forced to hide beneath a church pew while she attacked him. When Daphine was about to kill him, Baby Strength popped up through a hatch in the floor, throwing a sword to his master. Together, they were able to overpower Daphine.

Daphine begged them to kill her or wipe her mind clean. She claimed that she had only wanted to meet her father and be with him. Baby Strength wanted to kill her to avenge Cacer, but Baby Intelligence stopped him. In a moment of empathy for her, Baby Intelligence told her that she must learn to live with the fact that she will always be an orphan, as he has.

Later life Edit

Daphine was then imprisoned in Beta Prison for her crimes. Daphine did not attend Superhero School as a result.

Powers and abilities Edit

Daphine is an extremely skilled duelist, able to temporarily hold her own against the combined might of four exceptionally powerful duelists, including Lindsay Kellerman and Baby Intelligence. She can create wormholes, a trait she inherited from her father, Mr. Stupid NoHead. Daphine is able to fly without support, much like her father.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

It is not known how many of Daphine's relatives felt about her, or if they even knew she existed.

Parents Edit

Mr. Stupid NoHead

Mr. Stupid NoHead, her father


Rotta Hecks, her mother

It is unknown how Mr. Stupid NoHead and Rotta Hecks felt about their daughter since they died while she was still a baby. Considering the love and admiration her mother had always had for the Dark Lord, the birth of their mutual daughter would likely have been a great joy and pride for Rotta. It is not known why NoHead wanted a child, as he already had three heirs to succeed him and he did not feel a need for love and disliked the idea of becoming emotionally attached to anyone. However, he likely realized that his daughter could become a talented and useful servant, as Rotta was. It is also likely that he wished to preserve the Lethletera Bloodline, NoHead being the last remaining heir of Lethletera. 

They kept her birth a secret, most likely because it may have placed her in danger, since Mr. Stupid NoHead was considered the most powerful and dangerous Dark mutant of the time, while her mother, Rotta Hecks, was one of the Dark Lord's most loyal lieutenants.

Daphine was curious about her parents, and wanted the chance to know them. She went to great lengths to meet and save her father, even meddling with time to create a future where he lived, which shows she had some love for him. After she was defeated by her cousin Baby Intelligence, Lindsay Kellerman, Force Baby and Baby Strength, she begged for death instead of having to face the fact that she failed her father.

Hell Burnbottom Edit

It is not known whether her half-brother Hell Burnbottom knew about her, but Daphine was born at his home. If Burnbottom did know then it is possible that she continued to keep the secret to protect not only her brother but also her own family from public reaction to the idea that the Dark Lord had a child.

Baby Intelligence Edit

Baby Intelligence, being a distant cousin to Mr. Stupid NoHead (and therefore Daphine as well), was unaware of Daphine's heritage until he investigated it. At first, Baby Intelligence was shocked and horrified, but after defeating and capturing her, he felt sympathetic towards her as she only wished to see her parents. Nevertheless, Baby Intelligence refused to let her alter the past to fulfill that one wish, insisting that no one can change their own life by tampering with time.

Brute Gunray Edit

Daphine claimed that it was Brute Gunray who came to her and told her of her heritage. It is unknown how Gunray felt about her. If nothing else, Gunray and Rotta were both loyal NoHeads. He may have sought out Daphine and told her the truth as a way of remaining faithful to his father. He may have also been the one to give her some training in the Dark side. Daphine could fly unsupported, something that their father had done and might have also trained Gunray to do.

Force Baby Edit

File:Daphine vs Force Baby.jpg

Daphine faked a friendship with Force Baby for a while. She helped him time travel to save Lisa Kirke, while pretending to be Lisa’s cousin. Force Baby even trusted Daphine to help destroy the time machine. However, Daphine later turned on Force Baby and broke his sword, going as far as to make him time travel with her before leaving him stuck in the past. Force Baby had no love for her, even when finding out about their family connections, and along with his master, sided against her and helped Baby Intelligence duel her.

Caleb Kirke Edit

Daphine originally had an affectionate relationship with Caleb, even calling him "uncle". She helped him find the MBH in the hope of saving Lisa Kirke. However, Daphine only used him so she could revive her father who killed Lisa. She used him as a cover for who she really was, and did not really care for Lisa’s life other than for her own dark motives. When Caleb found out Daphine was claiming to be his niece, he had no problem with correcting the information, pointing out he couldn’t possibly have any nieces.

Etymology Edit

The name "Daphine" originates from Greek daphne "laurel, bay tree;" in mythology the name of a nymph, daughter of the river Peneus, metamorphosed into a laurel by Gaia to save her from being ravished as she was pursued by Apollo.

Appearances Edit