"I am known, where I am known at all, for stories that are dark and scary, and yet appeal to children. My stories are simply unique in that way, in that they have unconventional plots and unusual characters."
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D. Isaac Thomas (b. 9 June, 1999 in Utah), is an American fiction writer and musical artist. Thomas is most famous for authoring The Super Babies series, which have gained international attention and have won multiple awards, and was also his claim to fame. His budget is estimated to be $620 thousand, as of December 2016.

Early lifeEdit


D. Isaac Thomas with his family in 2003.

D. Isaac Thomas was born in 1999 in Taylorsville, Utah to Rachel and Ted Thomas. He was raised solo with them, during which time they moved to Plainview, Texas, and then to Lubbock. Three years after his birth, Rachel and Ted gave birth to Ammon, his younger sibling. In the same year, Thomas began attending preschool, where he was bitten no less than five times.[citation needed] In the mix, he found his passion for both writing and art, setting the building blocks for his career. Because Ted was in the military, Thomas and his family moved to Germany. In 2006, Thomas’ parents divorced, and Thomas and Ammon remained with their mother. They returned to the United States of America after spending nearly thirty months in Germany.



Origins Edit

Following the beginning of the second semester of fifth grade, D. Isaac Thomas began work on what would become The Super Babies: Book I: Pride of the Super Babies. Published on 29 July, 2010, the first book of the series was a huge success, and he has thus far published six sequels, and four prequels. The sales earned him over five hundred thousand dollars.

High school Edit

In May of 2015, D. Isaac Thomas declared The Super Babies: The New Sheriff to be canon. On 9 June of the same year, he confirmed the rumors that there would be a sequel, revealing that he would create The X-Adults: Endgame: The Latest Threat. The following year, he began work on The Life and Legends: Annabeth. He finally released it on 12 May. Only days earlier, he announced the imminent creation of Before The SMSB, a series focusing initially on the Mutant Wars and later, the history of the NoHeads.

On 17 October, 2016, he released The Mission to Earth. He also released The Life and Legends: Ramona Meyer in March 2017.

In 2017, Thomas' New Years' Resolution is to achieve better grades in school (he is currently in the twelfth grade). He later expressed that he succeeded, achieving all "A's and a single 'C' by 17 December.

Post-high school Edit

While it was initially believed that The X-Adults: Endgame would be complete in February 2018, Thomas recently postponed it until December 2019, owing both to work on Before The S.M.S.B. and the creation of a third part of the series, effectively making it a trilogy.


In December of 2017, he made gingerbread houses with his brother.

The Super Babies books Edit

Pride of the Super Babies

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D. Isaac Thomas joined YouTube in 2015, not using his real name to keep things silent, instead posing as Devyn Thomas. He has made sixty videos as of July 2016. Almost all of his clips are in 480p quality (though he has created two High Definition videos). Thomas has made videos about different subjects. One subject is movie clips that go along well with songs. Another subject is movie clips, he claims that almost all of them had been unavailable on the site. He has has made several top ten lists, mostly about film characters and music. These also reveal Dynamite, by Taio Cruz, is his favorite song, and his guilty pleasure song is Sexyback by Justin Timberlake.[1]


D. Isaac Thomas seems to be a loving person, despite showing several quiet and unstable tendencies. He is also intelligent, able to achieve fair marks, think up virtual universes of characters, and strategize through several situations. He was also calculating, able to size up several situations and plan reactions to imminent events far ahead of time. He was also noted for being very talkative, always wanting to share his knowledge.

Having devoted his entire life to literature, Thomas was viewed by some as a "workaholic".

Thomas is bisexual and he claims to fully support gay rights. He would do anything he possibly could to serve and please a girl named Nikki Nelson, to the point of becoming intensely angry with anyone who perceivably disrespected his friend. He also loves his younger brother, Ammon, first and foremost.

To most people on the Internet (particularly on YouTube and Wattpad), D. Isaac Thomas appears to be serene and formidable. That said, he has a tendency to show positivity and appreciation where it is welcome, and showing negativity towards haters and people he deemed "perverts, weaklings, and sponges [...] online, they don't deserve my respect". He is fiercely loyal to the Youtubers and videos he likes, even starting a " comment fight" with a few users over one such video. He has also admitted to liking most songs he's heard before, and his favorite music genres appear to be pop music and classical music. He is also a fan of "Star Wars", and he has mentioned that as of 2015, Rebecca Black and Katy Perry are his favorite singers, next to Muse and Adele. His opinion has since changed, as he has become surprisingly fond of Jenna Rose and Drowning Pool.


D. Isaac Thomas is, of course, a talented writer and illustrator. He is highly credited for his artwork. He also has the power of foresight, known to his fans, but the need to develop it remains today.

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D. Isaac Thomas wrote his first book when he was four. He can't even remember the title! When people began comparing Mr. Stupid NoHead to Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Thomas disagreed as he felt that NoHead is "nowhere near as bad".

He has powers of foresight, able to foresee several events through flashbacks. However, the need to develop it still remains.

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IMG 20160908 212457
Anything's possible if you work hard enough to achieve it.
You can't hide behind your parents forever. If you're old enough to handle the wheel, [or] to smoke tobacco, then your destiny is yours alone.
She who can stay positive in the wake of invasion is the most beautiful of all.
The greatest assets one can have are gratitude and wisdom, preferably both.
If it weren't for the X-Men, I probably would have never found inspiration for [The] Super Babies. I don't know much about them, but I owe them my career, which hasn't been long. I'll still be here for quite a while.
You hate me? I'm offended. Everyone is jealous of those who have more success than them.
Evil is a label that we all put on those who threaten us.
Naturally, suffering exists. It is a part of the structure of nature. Still, it has a cause.
Of course it's going to be difficult. Life isn't supposed to be easy. Whoever told you that?

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