Commonwealth School of Mutantry is the British mutant school, located on Mount Ill Crag in modern day England. It accepts students from all over the United Kingdom. Students of this school, as at Superhero School in America, are graded by numbers.

Reputation Edit

As might be expected of a school part-founded by a Fobble, Commonwealth has the reputation of being one of the most democratic, least elitist of all the great mutant schools. Students are also well versed in the use of a sword.

Uniform Edit

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The Commonwealth uniform worn consists of a white-collared black robe and a red hat. The robes bear no marks at all. Students wear their own socks and shoes. The colors honor Ida and James: black because it was Ida's favorite color; red in honor of James' love of cranberry pie.

Classes Edit

Defense Against Darkness is one of the subjects which has been taught at Commonwealth since the 17th century. One of the teachers was Rionach Stewart, the daughter of Commonwealth founders Ida and James Stewart. Another known subject at Commonwealth is Science. Chadwick's Science Vols I – VII, which was written by founder Chadwick Root are standard textbooks for Science class at Commonwealth.


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