Clifford Ollaton (13801431) was a mutant famous for his reputation as a giant-slayer, having killed the giant Veng of Michigan, who terrorized the entire state of Michigan the fifteenth century.


Early LifeEdit

Clifford Ollaton was born in 1380, somewhere in America. He enrolled at Superhero School, attending the school from around 1387 to 1398, under Headmistress Philla Sparre.


"Giants terrorized the land in the 15th century. Clifford Ollaton (1380—1431) came to the rescue of the state of Michigan. He killed the giant who was bothering the town and became a local hero."
―Trading card[src]

In the fifteenth century, giant numbers were relatively big in the Northern States, when compared to today. Mutants became professional giant-slayers in order to restrict these numbers and to protect the community.

The giant Veng of Michigan terrorized the state of Michigan, in America, at somepoint during the fifteenth century. Clifford Ollaton, at the time a fully-fledged mutant, rushed to the state's aid, and famously defeated the giant, becoming celebrated as that town's local hero.

Clifford Ollaton died in 1431, at the age of fifty-one.


"Look at this. [...] If Ollaton can slay giants, why not us?"
―Mr. Crooked NoHead[src]

By the 1980s, Clifford's effigy was featured on a trading card that celebrated his achievement. Mr. Crooked NoHead used his achievement as an example of what mutants could do against giants.


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