The City Volcano is a resort inside a volcano within New York City.

History Edit

Apart from future Mayor Katie Black, it is unknown who actually built the City Volcano. It was deduced that the volcano was otherwise dangerous and did nothing positive for mankind.

File:Intelligence Sebiscuits Volcano.png

In 2020, a duel between Sebiscuits and Baby Intelligence would also take place in the volcano.[1] Sebiscuits suffered grievous injuries, including the loss of his limbs, and the searing of his lungs, when he attempted to jump to higher ground from a piece of stone on the lava river, only to be immobilized by Baby Intelligence. He was later rescued by the latter, who brought him back to the MBH, where he was rebuilt into the popular cyborg of the S.M.S.B. at the MBH Medical Center.[1]

After breaking out of prison, the Lunch Money Bandit sought refuge here.[citation needed]

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Notes and References Edit

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