The Bratpro (better known as the V.1. Bratpro) also called the destroyer, wheel bot, roller, or rollies in police slang, was a type of heavy war robot used by the NoHeads. It gained a reputation for deadliness over the course of the Second NoHead War. Robot commanders such as Annabeth Black favored the Bratpro for its resilience and firepower, as well as the fear it could instill in even the most powerful mutant. They were also used for executions. They were deployed in many battles over the course of the Second NoHead War, such as the attack on New York City, usually in moderate numbers due to their cost, and were also used as guards in various NoHead installations. NoHeads also utilized Bratpros as security robots aboard their ships. Midway throughout the war, they were replaced by Sebiscuits Cardarphen with V2s.


The Bratpro was designed by the NoHead Master Mr. Ghastly NoHead, who was displeased by the limitations of the NoHeads’ basic robot soldiers, and chiefly manufactured in the NoHead Base. They were also able to enjoy special rates on these normally very costly robots. So by cutting down the costs of these battle machines, the NoHeads were able to obtain Bratpros by the hundreds. Before the NoHeads’ defeat following the Battle of Yellowstone, these droids were usually slaved to a central control computer. This technique fell out of favor in the aftermath of said battle, however, and they would later function independently like the Rockets did. What also made them unique to robot soldiers was that they could roll into position on the battle field and act as a turret. Due to their construction and design, they were over 150 times the cost of a regular robot soldier or Rocket.


Bratpros were used by the NoHead Empire, often fighting with robot soldiers. During the waning years of the Girl-Team, many Bratpros were used by Amelia Carter in the Battle of Pompeii. All were destroyed by the Boy-Team.[9]

A squad of V.1 Bratpros fought in the Skirmish in New York City, and were able to drive off Sheriff Bladepoint and Zett successfully. Another concentration of Bratpros were used in the Battle of the Wasp, where they drove back Sebiscuits and Baby Intelligence. In the same battle, Bratpros also formed part of the team that captured Intelligence and Sebiscuits aboard the Wasp, although the babies exploited a weakness in their shields during the firefight on the bridge.

At the end of Operation: Purge, the V.1 Bratpros were deactivated after Sebiscuits' execution of the police under Mr. Stupid NoHead's orders. They would be replaced by similar-looking V.2 Bratpros.

Design flawsEdit

Despite being a formidable robot, the Bratpro had one major design flaw. Its shield was designed to enclose the Bratpro in a standing position, but if the droid was to be knocked on its side or against a wall, the shield would have no way of distinguishing the wall or floor from a bullet or sword. This meant that the shield generator had to continue supplying energy to the shield, resulting in an overload, as demonstrated during the rescue on the Wasp. The shorted-out shield generator would leave the Bratpro vulnerable. Also, in the rolling position, the Bratpro's shield could not be activated, leaving it vulnerable while rolling from place to place.

Additionally, there were limits when a Bratpro could fire at a target. If the target got very close to it, the Bratpro would miss its shots because its blaster arms were spread out. This also enabled an enemy to run around it while attacking.

Bratpro Series and VariantsEdit

Five known variants of V.2 Bratpros existed. The first was the grapple Bratpro, used around the time of the Battle of Yellowstone. It was equipped with electronic grapples and was designed for melee combat, and lacked guns. It also seemed to possess weaker shields than average.

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