A male Fobble had traveled with young Bladepoint decades before the Second NoHead War after he discovered his potential. However, long before they could reach their destination, the ship was struck by lightning, causing it to become severely disabled beyond their abilities to repair. However, Bladepoint saved both of them with a parachute in the plane, and used it to get them to the ground safely. Doomed, but alive, they spent several days camping during which time their rations came close to being exhausted, and there was still no response to their distress signal.

Just as it seemed that they would die, their sensors picked up a nearby hotel. They went there on foot to get help. A male celebrity happened to be there, who revealed to them both that he could train Bladepoint and get the individual to safety. The celebrity took Bladepoint and his friend to his home, where he provided the individual shelter whilst also training Bladepoint to harness his talent and learn self-control. Not long after his training was complete, the individual was rescued along with Bladepoint after a police fighter picked up their distress signal.