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Sheriff Bladepoint (1968-2079) is the leader of the police, as of Sheriff Missile's death. He married Roxanne Waterston.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Bladepoint was from a remote town in Wisconsin, but which one remains a mystery. His path towards the police began when he left his home planet with a friend, who had discovered his potential, on an old airplane en route to New York City to seek employment. However, long before they could reach their destination, the ship was struck by lightning, causing it to become severely disabled beyond their abilities to repair. However, Bladepoint had discovered a parachute in the plane earlier, and used it to get them to the ground safely. Doomed, but alive, they spent several days camping during which time their rations came close to being exhausted, and there was still no response to their distress signal. It seemed like they would soon meet their deaths until their sensors picked up a hotel not too far away. They went there on foot to get help.

A male celebrity happened to be there, who revealed to them both that he could help Bladepoint use his surprising potential to fight crime. He offered to train him, and a shocked Bladepoint could not resist. The celebrity took Bladepoint and his friend to his home where he trained Bladepoint to harness his talent and use it to its fullest, and also to learn self-control. Not long after his training was complete, a police fighter picked up their distress signal and rescued the two friends. Departing the celebrity’s home, Bladepoint went to New York City where he would continue his training at the police station. Eventually, Bladepoint would pass the trials and was equipped with a real gun.

Soon after Bladepoint completed his training, he was given limited authority of the other police. He promised to uphold this rank with honor. Bladepoint also trained several police himself. After the New Police Station was built, Bladepoint became the owner of the older police station, which was relatively practical compared to the new one. By the 1990s, Bladepoint was considered one of the strongest police ever.

First NoHead War Edit

Awakening his power Edit

Capture and escapeEdit

"He's just beginning to test his powers. The longer it takes to find him, the more dangerous he becomes."
―Mr. Stupid NoHead[src]

The hologram pit Edit

The Pummeller returned to the police station, where Jean was treated for his wounds. The police forces celebrated their victory over the NoHeads, though Bladepoint was left with a feeling of sadness. He was greeted at the base by General Bradley, and the two embraced in a long hug. The events that had unfolded awakened Ray, who had been in a coma, and the man unveiled the Orb of Power. The police broke out into celebration over the news that the hologram pit could be found, and Bladepoint finally met Cameron after hearing about him from the Mystic.

Bladepoint prepared to depart from the police station for the hologram pit with Joseph and Ray. He said goodbye to the unconscious Jean, kissing him on the forehead and stating that "they would see each other again some day". Outside of the Pummeller, General Bradley told him that she was proud of what Bladepoint was about to do. Bladepoint boarded the Pummeller, took the pilot's seat, and set a course for Oceania, the region where the hologram pit was hidden. After landing on one of the small islands, Bladepoint ventured throughout the island's ancient ruins and found the pit.[1]

Skirmish on the Caribbeans Edit

They dueled each other simultaneously, until they both scored minor hits on each other. Bladepoint turned invisible and NoHead ran down the hill trying to find his quarry. Bladepoint grabbed Joseph and relieved the fleet of duty. The two officers escaped an explosion of energy upon the hilltop along with Ray.

The Council of Outcasts (1990-1991) Edit

Around this time, Bladepoint came to suspect that Verpus the Foul's resurgent strength in Thunder Quarters. He knew that Verpus was already plotting war from the latter's fortress, and that as soon as he felt strong enough, he would attack North America. However, Valora seemed reluctant to engage Verpus' forces, though none of the Council of Outcasts knew where Verpus was.

In 1991, Bladepoint accidentally stumbled into Jean after Cedric tripped someone in the hallway. Jean told him to watch where he was going, and Bladepoint thanked him for the criticism and promised he would.

NoHead Empire Edit

Destruction of the PoliceEdit

In 1994, Mr. Stupid NoHead slaughtered the new police, apparently destroying everything Bladepoint had stood for. had tried to build. Feeling responsible for what happened, Bladepoint vanished into exile with the survivors of the purge. There, Bladepoint set out to begin training a new generation of police, passing on everything he had learned in his own training. In the mix, he discovered a woman named Alice. During their meeting together, Alice revealed how terrible she felt about the polices’ demise. She joined the new recruits and Bladepoint kept the police up on their training. In time, the police returned to strength and efficient numbers. Bladepoint remained hidden in the police station with the others, waiting until the time was right to make their move.

Infiltration of Thunder QuartersEdit

Suspecting that Verpus had returned and was mobilizing an army, the mutant Sheriff Bladepoint infiltrated the fortress in 2001 to confirm his theory, but Verpus had already fled when he arrived, hoping to conceal his identity.

In 2004, Bladepoint traveled to Washington D.C. to save Valarie from imminent disaster. After the rescue mission ended, Valarie honored Bladepoint by building a giant statue of him, at least seventy meters tall, outside her office.

Return of the Police Grand Army Edit

Sheriff Bladepoint was instrumental to the restoration of the police, together with officers Dexter and Zett.

After failing to convince officer Ronald Koda to rescue his apprentice Roxanne, who was arrested by Imperials and held prisoner on Mars, he attempted to do the same with another officer, Rachel Bradley, who was hiding in Tsala. But when he arrived, he found that Rachel Bradley was dead. Furthermore, he was captured by Bradley's old apprentice, Mara Bode. He was held prisoner until Abalan, who was advised by Koda to rescue him so his soon to be formed rebellion would receive support from the Sheriff himself, arrived. Abalan defeated Maris and let her go. Abalan had also rescued Roxanne just before coming to Tsala because it would help him to gain support from Bladepoint. After his rescue, Bladepoint said that armed resistance against the Empire needed to be proven as a possibility before he and the other officers took action. Abalan, in response, attacked and destroyed a Super Exterminator shipyard orbiting Columbia. This act proved to Bladepoint. that the Empire could be defeated in battle.

Battle of the Second NoHead BaseEdit

In 2006, Bladepoint fronted the Battle of the Second NoHead Base. Landing in the forests near Rochester, Sheriff Bladepoint and the others made their way through the forest. However, Roxanne was separated from the others, and captured by the forest people. She was brought to their leader, where she managed to convince him that they both wanted the same thing. Though one of them insisted that the forest people should not intervene for their own safety, the leader agreed to work with Roxanne and the police to face the common foe, claiming they now accepted her as if she were one of their own. Before leaving, Roxanne thanked them and promised to return for them. Searching across the forest, Roxanne finally found Bladepoint and told him that the police had help.

Roxanne took Bladepoint and their fellow police. The morning after, when the police awoke, they found the village nearly deserted, as those who were able to fight had left to prepare the battlefield under their leader. A few forest dwellers remained there to help them find the easiest way to the rendezvous point, where Bladepoint went to a bit of high ground to get a first look at the military base and shield generator that he had promised to destroy. Upon finding how heavily guarded the main entrance was, the dwellers showed Sheriff Bladepoint to an alternate entrance, guarded only by a few robot soldiers.

The next day, Sheriff Bladepoint's group met up with the main police strike team at the shield generator, but monks informed them of a less-guarded rear entrance. After three of the four guards were distracted by the forest monk Pablo, the police neutralized the last guard and entered the shield bunker. But the operation proved to be a trap, and Sheriff Missile and the police were captured. However, the NoHeads had not expected the monks to attack, which allowed the police to escape. For most of the battle, Missile stayed at the door, trying to open it. After Tyson was injured attempting to open it, Sheriff Bladepoint unsuccessfully tried to hotwire the door open. He then impersonated the pilot of an AT-BT that had been captured by Joseph and two monks, getting the NoHeads to open the doors. Han was then able to place detonators inside the shield generator, destroying it and leaving the Second NoHead Base vulnerable to attack. Bladepoint and Roxanne witnessed the NoHead Base's destruction.

After returning to the police station, he told Alice that she had displayed more bravery than he ever could have expected from her.

Battle of Superhero University Edit

Sheriff Bladepoint continued expanding the Grand Army. When the army was deemed ready to face the Empire, Sheriff Bladepoint briefly left them behind to participate in the Council of Outcasts' assault on Thunder Quarters. The attack drove out the Olbaid (Verpus) and ultimately vanquished the latter.

With Verpus the Foul defeated, Sheriff Bladepoint, Roxanne, and Joseph set out on their final mission to return to Superhero University and capture Hell Burnbottom. The trio penetrated the building. Mr. Stupid NoHead, upon his own arrival at the university, declared war.

During the battle, Mr. Stupid NoHead tried to strike down everyone within his reach and his army forced its way through several hordes of students wielding their fledging powers against the robots. In the Great Hall, his army was gradually cut down as NoHead fought Joseph, Miranda Butterfield and Alice all at once. At that time, Bladepoint revealed himself, and NoHead blasted his enemies away with a powerful telekinetic repulse.

Whirling around, NoHead immediately threw Bladepoint into a stone pillar and attempted to kick him. Bladepoint got up and telekinetically hurled him away, but NoHead enhanced his powers to keep a grip on the floor before firing a Stun beam directly at Bladepoint's arm. He then kicked Bladepoint off the ledge, but Bladepoint grabbed him by the hem of his robe, pulling him off with him.

As the two mutants screamed, Mr. Stupid NoHead Apparated them away from the ravine. The two arrived on the ground right outside the police station; the impact forced their swords out of their hands.

Injured, but still energized, they desperately reached for them. Once attained, Mr. Stupid NoHead and Sheriff Bladepoint respectively clashed; neither were damaged. NoHead ramped up his attack, assailing Bladepoint until he was dealing in six blows per second. Unable to effectively counter, Bladepoint was quickly disarmed. However, he blasted NoHead off of the ravine and down into the mist. As Bladepoint was cheered on, NoHead emerged, but was cut off by Waterston.

Discovering Zett, Dexter, and Annabeth BlackEdit

In 2009, a boy named Dexter was discovered by the Sheriff and willfully became a police. He was taken as an apprentice by Sheriff Bladepoint himself. However, even though he studied under someone else, Bladepoint also took a particular interest in the young Zett. The Sheriff, however, was equally quick to point out Zett and Dexter’s flaws when necessary. Bladepoint assisted quite closely in Zett’s training, and building from this foundation, Zett and Dexter became accomplished police.

The following year, Annabeth Black registered to become an officer. Not knowing he was being manipulated, Bladepoint allowed her to join him. Two days later, they were visited by Steven Thompson, who told them of the School War and a mysterious demon. Bladepoint and his aides agreed that the demon probably did not exist, though he still sent a taskforce to Utah to confirm the truth.

NoHead Cataclysm Edit

In 2013, a girl named Paige rallied the police to help her ambush the NoHeads. Bladepoint led the police against the NoHead base, serving alongside Paige. He stuck with Paige for a few minutes, and dispersed with the police for the rest of the assault. Bladepoint and the other police killed a number of NoHeads that day.

Between the warsEdit

By 2015, Bladepoint, who was now the leader of the police, felt that the power of the Darkness was growing. While several other police believed this indicated the possible return of the NoHeads, and Bladepoint agreed with that to an extent, he also put forth the possibility that the darkening might suggest the imminent approach of the Chosen One, which prophecy said would be the stepping stone for Mr. Stupid NoHead’s death and the end of the NoHeads.

When Peter Hecks was abandoned by his mother, Bladepoint, who had witnessed the former's victory over an alien attack, adopted him eagerly. He had Dexter pick him up, and when Peter arrived at the police station, Bladepoint told him he was now his teacher and foster parent, in one. Peter pledged to train under him. The experienced police summed up Peter’s training to fit in the career he pursued.

Second NoHead WarEdit

Attack on New York CityEdit

However, prior to finishing his instruction, Peter went on a rescue mission with the other police with permission. Bladepoint stood by as his apprentice confronted Mr. Stupid NoHead and won. Realizing his power reached beyond many graduated police, Bladepoint dubbed him after, although he believed he still was impatient and had much to learn of both the light and the dark side.

Afterwards, Sheriff Bladepoint reflected on the events that came up to that point. Because NoHead survived, he believed the struggle will continue, with Peter and his trainees fighting against the NoHeads. He also grew concerned regarding Peter and NoHead, noting that their relationship was not a good path, and that Peter may become an agent of evil should he follow the same path. However, he also noted that Peter was both strong and good-hearted, which might mean he won’t turn to the dark side.

Battle of the WaspEdit

Not too long afterwards, Rotta Hecks, the mother of Baby Intelligence, orchestrated a surprise attack on New York itself. During the battle Bladepoint piloted his personal ship around the state and destroyed huge numbers of the NoHeads's forces. However, he then encountered X2, a Dark clone who served the NoHeads, at a transportation hub. They fought each other, during which time Bladepoint was hurled into the city's traffic with the blast waves of X2's bombs. Injured, and faced with a challenging enemy, Bladepoint had to commend X2 for lasting longer against him than expected. Then, X2 retreated to continue his own mission.

Shortly after the Battle of the Wasp, Sheriff Bladepoint and a group of Senators personally greeted Katie Black after Sebiscuits and Baby Intelligence freed her from the clutches of Rotta Hecks and Mr. Stupid NoHead. Sebiscuits revealed that Rotta was a NoHead. When Black insisted that the war would still carry on since the NoHeads survived the battle, Bladepoint vowed that the police would prioritize the destruction of Rotta and Annabeth.[2]

Fall Of The Police Grand Army Edit

While scouting near the NoHead base, Sheriff Bladepoint narrowly escaped murder at the hands of Mr. Stupid NoHead’s Human Replica 113; the blast from a tank’s main cannon that was intended to kill him was fired from a long range, and therefore did not manage a direct hit. It instead sent Bladepoint plummeting into the lake at the bottom of the sinkhole with his car. After recovering from this attempted murder, Bladepoint escaped in his speeder.

Bladepoint then headed to the police station and landed on an elevated platform. As he climbed out, several troopers met him there. NR-0000/1010 said there had been a rebellion by his own, but when Bladepoint tried to enter the station, it drew its gun upon the sheriff and ordered him to leave. As Bladepoint turned to go, Zett rushed onto the pad and began slashing at troopers with his new sword. NR-0000/1010 ordered his troops to open fire on Zett, only to be cut down by the cadet. However, before he could make it to the speeder, Zett was shot dead by one of the war robots. Fleeing the scene after Zett’s death, Sheriff Bladepoint departed in search of any surviving police.

Invasion of New York Edit

Months later, the Rocket army invaded the police station, and Bladepoint quickly evacuated the police to their hidden base used in older times. He was able to keep the police organized in their evacuation, and saved countless lives due to his skills. His personal craft was attacked as it headed towards the station, but he was able to quickly fend off the NoHead aggressors. The troops under his command then eliminated nearby NoHead enplacements, securing the safety of the station.

Battle of Yellowstone Edit

Much to his chagrin, the S.M.S.B. showed up again, who he had come to loathe. However, Bladepoint agreed to see them. Baby Intelligence humbled himself before Bladepoint and pleaded for his help in fighting off the NoHeads. Realizing that the two groups were not as unreasonable and elitist as he had been led to believe, Bladepoint heartily pledged his allegiance to them, combining their forces against a common threat.

Bladepoint assigned Dexter to command the army in the upcoming battle. He personally aided in the assault on Camp 2, where they freed the captured horses for use in the fight. With the NoHead presence in Nevada eliminated, Bladepoint made preparations with Baby Intelligence for the battle.

Sheriff Bladepoint journeyed to the base, escorted by the S.M.S.B. minus Force Baby and a small posse of police. En route, his party encountered several other Rockets. Inside the base, Hell Burnbottom revealed himself and cut off Baby Intelligence and Lindsay. Though the plan eventually worked—thanks mostly to Telekinibabe’s effort in destroying the control station and Bladepoint’s resolve—it did not come about without loss, with hundreds of police killed.

Continued career Edit

Also following the war, he aided in the care of his godson, Edward van Dukas, thus fulfilling the role that his own godfather never got to play. Bladepoint and Edward eventually became very close. Other police officers commented that they wanted Edward to move in with the family, Bladepoint mentioned that Edward had already been coming to their home for dinner four times a week, and that he was practically living with them as it was.

In 2027, Sheriff Bladepoint worked with Rocken Role and Darren Slade to investigate the murder of a singer that had happened eight years prior. In September of the same year, Slade brought Augustus Salt, the culprit, to trial, and the case was solved.

Suspecting an attack from the Elite NoHeads, Sheriff Bladepoint stood by the governor. His speculations paid off when Hell Burnbottom stormed into the Town Hall and ordered the governor to surrender. The latter steadfastly refused, and Bladepoint taunted him, saying he looked better with his hair. Burnbottom left, warning that they would be sorry.

Later life Edit

Bladepoint continued as the Sheriff immediately following the war.[citation needed] Sometime afterwards, he resigned, having "had his share [...] he had already done so much for them." He became schoolteacher of Herbalism at Superhero School.[3] During this time, Bladepoint remained in contact with his old friends.

In 2079, nearly seven decades after the Battle of Yellowstone, Sheriff Bladepoint died of old age. He lived to be one hundred one years old. He was given a funeral the next day, and Master Intelligence made a card to bury next to his grave. It thanked Bladepoint and said that without him, Master Intelligence would never be what he was.

Physical descriptionEdit

Sheriff Bladepoint's looks and behavior were not unanimously approved within the police. He considered caring for one’s physical appearance a futility. Even his teacher criticized him for looking neglected.

He was slender and had fair skin. He has brown eyes and hair, thin brown eyebrows, and thin, sallow cheeks. Bladepoint is usually seen in a red shirt with yellow square outlines, with three white buttons vertically on his chest. On his legs, he simply wears blue jeans. Each of the links on his cuffs match, and each matching cuff-link on both his cuffs.

A red bandanna was wrapped around his neck. His belt is made from rare rehtan hide with a buckle that has a bull design on it made from metals. Clipped to it was a brown holster, with his sword, that he always kept with him. His cowboy hat was brown and made from straw.

Personality and traits Edit

Regarded as a role model by his peers, Sheriff Bladepoint was a wise and faithful — but unorthodox — member of the Police Grand Army. He was also a powerful warrior. Bladepoint was a proponent of the police philosophy, and he made many attempts to help lesser creatures. He possessed a heart full of generosity and willingness to help other people in need. Bladepoint also had a side to him that was irritable and rebellious, but he usually kept this in check. A distinguished and adept policeman, Sheriff Bladepoint reflected strength and wisdom. He was strong and confident, unafraid to stand up for himself or others.

Bladepoint came into knighthood during an era in which the police were more conservative and at war with the NoHeads. His commitment to studying the government and interacting with it would prove far-reaching, having a great impact on Zett and Dexter, both of whom would greatly influence the founder of the S.M.S.B., Baby Intelligence himself.

Bladepoint was also not one to let bygones be bygones and had at best, a vengeful and at worst, a spiteful streak towards those who did him wrong. This varied from wanting to murder/torture those whom had performed unforgivable acts like: Korolish, Mr. Stupid NoHead, and RC-3 to a desire for pettiness towards Roxanne and Jean. He was not a cruel person and he never wished anyone harm. He rarely initiated duels, instead fighting in self-defense. Even after Mrs. Twisted NoHead had murdered his colleague, Hayden, Bladepoint failed to electrocute her, showing how connected he was to the light and separated from the dark. Mrs. Twisted NoHead noted the he had failed to cast the curse properly because he had cast it out of righteous anger and not malicious intent. However, he did use lightning more effectively on Mr. Eradicating NoHead after he spat at and insulted Miranda Butterfield.

Sheriff Bladepoint was also known for his often-overwhelming compassion for all life forms. A man of principle, he was not the sort of man to discriminate against people based on their heritage or beliefs, and seen to be courteous with Duffle individuals. He was also a great teacher and mentor, and taught Zett the French tongue on their journeys across the U.S.A., as well as others.

The sheriff appeared much younger than his age and had a penetrating gaze. He also had a subtle attention to detail, seen as he could sense mood changes in the people around him and was quite adept at hiding his emotions from other individuals, even mutants. His master was often perplexed by his ability to do this even when Bladepoint was a boy. He was also open about his opinions to the point of near-tactlessness, and the celebrity who trained him once referred to him as a "solitary and secretive rogue."

While Bladepoint (at least in his later years) never displayed arrogance or conceit, he had no use for false modesty either, and, if a situation warranted it, was perfectly willing to acknowledge his virtually peerless intelligence and power. However, he also understood that he had his weaknesses and blind spots just as any other man, and worked hard to keep them in check.

Sheriff Bladepoint considered caring for one’s physical appearance a futility. However, his looks and behavior were not unanimously approved within the police.

Powers and abilities Edit

Sheriff Bladepoint was an outstandingly talented mutant even in 1990 when he was just beginning to discover his powers. While he initially rejected his connection, his powers began awakening as a result of his experiences that year. As an adult, Bladepoint had become an extraordinarily powerful and accomplished mutant, and his extraordinary powers and capabilities were admired and feared by even others of outstanding talent. His childhood saw him develop a tenacity and instinct for survival.

Throughout his long career, Sheriff Bladepoint displayed a wide range of skills in the Light. A skilled duelist, he even survived more than one encounter with Mr. Stupid NoHead. In their first encounter, Bladepoint repelled the Dark mutant until a stalemate came, though he was only able to match the furious adolescent through sheer superiority of physical size. He was known to be very quick off the draw and had an aggressive dueling style. He was also known to taunt his opponents and get them to talk at length, angering them and throwing them mentally off-balance, buying himself time to strategize or lulling them into lowering their guard. He resisted Mr. Stupid NoHead's attempts to penetrate his mind, back when he was untaught yet, as Mr. Stupid NoHead acknowledged, stronger than he realized.

Bladepoint was also competent with a variety of powers. His primary power is invisibility, something he could master at the age of four and used to bring the Grand Army to victory. His invisible state was apparently much stronger than his initial form, as he was able to lift and move several rather enormous fragments of a skyscraper, something he immediately realized he never could have done if he was visible. He is capable of casting powerful Shields strong enough to repel a barrage of shadow energy from Verpus the Foul. When he projects Shields, his hand glows white in a small radius.

Other abilities Edit

Out of all the branches of mutantry, Sheriff Bladepoint was particularly gifted at Herbalism. Despite never attending Superhero School, he worked as the schoolteacher of this subject himself after the Second Cold War. Bladepoint's skills in herbalism would serve him well in his career as Sheriff. He would improve his already considerable skills in the field to the extent that he was eventually hired on as the Herbalism teacher at Superhero School, succeeding Danielle Park.

Bladepoint was also a considerably gifted leader.

Relationships Edit

Appearances Edit

Notes and references Edit

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