The sword of Becca Smith was custom-built at an unknown period between 2026 and 2041.


The sword was designed crudely. The design was an ancient one, dating back hundreds of years to medieval times (of course, the sword resembling the sword and the energizer in one, and not the sword itself). It was built with six cracked series of wooden energizers (usually ten are required, and twelve are recommended). The energizers could barely contain the energy shell’s power. As a result of the broken energizers, the sword required vents on either side to divert the excess heat, necessitating its unusually wide hilt. It also gave the energy shell an unstable and fiery appearance. [1]


Becca fought with this weapon in the Battle of Transylvania and used it to murder her daughter, Andromeda. It is unknown what became of the weapon after Becca's death in the same year.[1]


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