The Battle of Palmyra was a conflict of the First NoHead War.

The Battle Edit

Eventually, the police defeated the NoHeads at the battle. Infighting was a great cause of it, though the police's bombing runs also proved crucial, according to Sheriff Bladepoint. They also lost Mr. Wretched NoHead I in the mix.

Aftermath Edit

As punishment for their actions, the surviving NoHeads were gathered by police forces and loaded aboard unarmed transport ships. Now robbed of their weapons, the exiles were to be sent into Yeracade Prison to contemplate the error of their ways. The NoHeads were all locked up there. However, one day after their arrest Mr. Horrid NoHead telekinetically summoned the keys and freed himself, along with the others. The jail guards caught them, but the NoHeads, who were now rearmed, were able to murder, injure, or subdue them all. They then escaped back to the NoHead base.

Appearances Edit