Chief Barberus Brague (fl. 1269) was a mutant and Chief of the British Council in the 1260s. He was responsible for the introduction of the Brown Snidget into Crodela, thus changing the face of the sport forever.[1] For this, he was featured on a Holocard.[2]


Brague was most likely born between the mid to late-twelfth century and the early-thirteenth century. He presumably attended Superhero School in his youth, like so many other mutants before him.

During a football game in 1269, Chief Brague released a Brown Snidget onto the field, and offered the player who captured it twelve hundred dollars. In protest, the mutant Mandy Rabnott telekineticallysummoned the Snidget to her and fled the game. Brague was furious and was almost going to electrocute her, when his advisors calmed him down and she was fined seventy-nine dollars for disrupting the game. However, the idea caught on, and soon the Snidget was a part of the game.


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