Baby Intelligence

Prequel Trilogy Edit

Zero to Hero Edit

Baby Intelligence: Just let me do it!}}

Astronaut: What? Are you crazy?

Baby Intelligence: I can do this!

Astronaut: Are you feeling okay?

Come on! There's only a few more!
You're a NoHead, aren't you?
Get out. Flee the city, and never return!

The Second Hero Edit

I can't just dub you. I have to test you first.

–Baby Intelligence

The Wasp - a NoHead ship. I knew it! Oh, this is going to be easy!'
Sebiscuits! I told you to go home! And you're not helping!
I'll have to let you come along now. It's too late to turn back!
That was a big mistake!
Stop that!

Baby Intelligence: He's close.

Sebiscuits: The Mayor?

Baby Intelligence: No, Mr. Stupid NoHead...

Are you all right?
You said you would leave. I will not trust you again.
Did I miss something?

The S.M.S.B. Edit

Baby Intelligence: But first, you must be tested.

Paige: Yes, sir. Whenever you're ready.

Sebiscuits, did I ever tell you that there used to be many NoHeads? Paige led the police to ambush and massacre them. At age nine! [...] Only one survived. And I'm sure you know who that was.
Sebiscuits? What's gotten into you?

[after finding the dead police in the police station] This here, is a bloodless gash no bullet could make. This one was killed by a sword.

Paige: But...who? Who could have done this?

[Baby Intelligence and the other S.M.S.B. members are escaping the police station as Baby Intelligence remembers the hologram center]

Baby Intelligence: The time has come to get to the bottom of this.

Paige: Master, you already know the truth. If you look into the recordings, the only thing you will find is agony.

Baby Intelligence: I must make sure! [Baby Intelligence watches the recordings of police, even children in training, being slaughtered]

Baby Intelligence: IT CAN'T BE!! It can't be...

Sebiscuits: It has been done, my Master.

Mr. Stupid NoHead: Good. Remember, your power will grow only when you fully accept what you are capable of. You have done well. Now go, and complete your final task.

Baby Intelligence: [switches off the hologram] I can't watch any more. I should have let them shoot me... no, even better...

Paige: Stop this now! You said yourself to let go. Not even NoHead can control the affair. Sebiscuits chose this path.

Baby Intelligence: Well...

Sebiscuits: Hold it right there!

Baby Intelligence: I hate to do this, Sebiscuits, but I will have to finish you off, here and now.

Sebiscuits: So do it!

Baby Intelligence: Very well, then.

[NoHead shows up and slams Baby Intelligence aside via laser blasts]

Mr. Stupid NoHead: Come on, Sebiscuits. We're going.

Original SeriesEdit

Pride of the Super BabiesEdit

My name is Baby Intelligence. Lindsay Kellerman, your powers have been identified.

The Blabberish SingerEdit

Lindsay: Why is that singer singing in Blabberish?

Baby Intelligence: Quiet, Lindsay.

There's something fishy going on.
You have fought well, son of NoHead.

The Final Chapter Edit

We have you in our sights. Won't be long now.
Where do you think you're going?

Baby Intelligence: Sebiscuits, please. Villains only bring misery and chaos at the judgement bar in the afterlife. You have allowed NoHead to twist your perspective, until now you've become the hate-filled monster you seek to destroy.

Sebiscuits: Shut up, Peter! I see through your manipulations. I am not intimidated by the dark side. I am bringing peace and freedom to the world! Dammit! Let me tell you, your group is pathetic.

Baby Intelligence: Come again?

Sebiscuits: Don't make me kill you.

Baby Intelligence: Sebiscuits, my loyalties lie with the government. With peace and justice!

Sebiscuits: You are with me, or you are against me.

Baby Intelligence: Only a NoHead commits murder. Now. Both ends will meet.

Sebiscuits: You may try.

[draws his sword and battles Baby Intelligence]

The X-Children Edit

The X-Children - Part 1 Edit

You're late.

–Master Intelligence

Curiosity is not a sin, Lindsay. Still, recklessness is not profitable.

The X-Children - Part 2 Edit

All right, everyone! Time for dodgeball!

–Master Intelligence

Master Intelligence: All right, everyone! Hand in your homework!

[Red X hands over her sheet and he marks it]

Master Intelligence: did well, Cynthia.

Sebiscuits is in danger! Alert everyone to their fighters. We have to go there, now!

–Master Intelligence

Red X: Master! We have to help the others!

Master Intelligence: I'm afraid I can't do that! It's a diversion!

The X-Adults: Endgame Edit

Part 1 Edit

Of course, I will have to test you first.
You've lost your mind, Centauri! Stop this, while you can!

Part 2 Edit

Master Intelligence: Who are you?

Britney: My name is Britney, and these are Jason and Sue. I think you might need this.