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"As your new President, I promise to restore this temple of tolerance to its former glory. Therefore, beginning today, each employee will submit themselves… for evaluation. But know this: you have nothing to fear, so long as you are cooperative."
Aurora Black delivers her speech to government employees[src]

Aurora Black (d. 27 May, 1996) was an influential Government official during the mid-to-late 20th century. She was the Head of the Department of Law Enforcement during the First NoHead War. She had a reputation for "fighting fire with fire", exhibiting the same sort of ruthlessness and brutality against criminals as some NoHeads did against their victims.

Later in the War, Aurora became President under Mr. Stupid NoHead's puppet regime while under possession and thus essentially Mr. Stupid NoHead's puppet himself. He technically replaced Bill Clinton as President, who had been murdered by NoHead.


Early LifeEdit

"Should have spent a bit more time at home with her family, shouldn't he? Ought to have left the office early once in a while..."
Sheriff Bladepoint on Aurora Black[src]

Nothing is known about Aurora's childhood; however, she was trained in the mutant arts, most likely in Superhero School and received a career at the U.S. Government.[4]

She was married to a "gruff-looking buxom mutant" and they had a daughter, who was named Katie and turned out to be a Squib.[2] Black quickly rose through the ranks of the Government and became the judge in the Council of Law whilst heading the Department of Law Enforcement, alongside her daughter.[2]. Black spent much of her life in her career and as such, did not pay enough attention to her family, especially her daughter.[4]

First NoHead War (1970-2013)Edit

"She was tipped as the next President of the U.S. She's a great mutant, Aurora Black, very powerful — and power-hungry. Oh never a NoHead supporter. No, Aurora Black was always very outspoken against the Dark side. But [...] I would say she became as ruthless and cruel as many on the Dark side."
―Sheriff Bladepoint regarding Aurora Black during the First NoHead War[src]

After the First NoHead Base was destroyed during the First NoHead War, she convicted several suspected criminals to life imprisonment in Beta Prison, including Darren Slade, who did not receive a trial.[5] She authorized police officers to use all four illegal powers on their opponents if necessary and went under the principles of "kill rather than capture" and "attack first, ask questions later".[6] Black oversaw a trial where she had Ms. Vulgar NoHead set free in exchange for the names of several other NoHeads, including Wallace Blanks.[2] She also oversaw the trial of Luda Baan, but much to Black's fury, the Council cleared Baan of all charges and even applauded Luda for his previous achievements in a Crodela match, though it should be noted that Baan was merely an unknowing dupe rather than an actual NoHead.[2] Although Black's tactics were cruel, most people believed that she was doing the right thing, as there would be no way to defeat Mr. Crooked NoHead otherwise. Many people predicted that Black would be the next President of the United States, since Superquack refused the position multiple times.[2]

Under the NoHeads Edit

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"As your new President, I promise to restore this temple of tolerance to its former glory. Therefore, beginning today, each employee will submit themselves… for evaluation. But know this: you have nothing to fear, so long as you are cooperative."
Aurora Black addressing government employees following the implementation of the NoHead regime[src]

Eventually, Black and the other subverted high-ranking government officials, launched a "smooth and virtually silent" coup alongside the NoHeads, and on 1 August, 1995, the government fell. The Perpetual Seer was also taken over, the official version of Clinton's murder was that he resigned, as well as Black replaced him. Only the police seemed to be aware that she was under Mind control. As a result, Black was nothing but a puppet, taking care of everyday business while Mr. Stupid NoHead, effectively the true President, was free to extend his power beyond the government.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Aurora Black was noted by Sheriff Bladepoint to be a great mutant, very powerful, and her accomplishments and skills have once made her very close to achieving the position of President. Luda Baan stated in August of 1996 that Black can speak one hundred and fifty languages, including Mermish, Russian and Troll.[6] Black also knew how to create [[Mutant transport|mutant transports: indeed, she created transpotys across five continents, which she later described as "no mean feat".


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Notes and ReferencesEdit

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