Script error Augustus Salt (c. 1963 - 2042) was a Knight of Plague under the Gladiator. Prior to his registration, Salt fought in the Attack on Superhero School, during which he expressed an eagerness to bite the children of Superhero School and left Saul Cameron badly scarred,[1] Although considered to be a Knight of Plague, Salt was shown more disrespect than most, yet he continued to work as the Gladiator's weapon. Salt continued to serve the Gladiator until his death in 2042.


Early LifeEdit

Augustus Salt was born in 1963. It is unknown how he became a cyborg, but he found a taste in human flesh at a young age.

First NoHead WarEdit

Hayden: "Is it you, Augustus?"
Augustus: "Yes. Pleased to see me, Hayden?"
Hayden: "No, I cannot say that I am... Am I to take it that you are attacking even without the full moon now? This is most unusual... You have developed a taste for human flesh that cannot be satisfied once a month?"
— Salt and Hayden at the Astronomy Tower in 1995[src]
File:NoHead victory.jpg

In the 1990s, Augustus Salt came to Mr. Stupid NoHead's side.[1] Salt, along with several NoHeads, invaded Superhero School on 1 June, 1995, cornering Hayden atop the Clock Tower, much to Bethany Donner's shock and Hayden's disgust. He asked Hayden if he was pleased to see him, to which Hayden admitted he, in fact, wasn't. He was among those who urged Bethany Donner to kill the Headmaster and attempted to take over the job himself, before Mrs. Twisted NoHead stepped in.[1] During the subsequent battle against members of the police, Salt assaulted Saul Cameron, scarring his face. Salt also tried to eat Sheriff Bladepoint during the battle, but Bladepoint retaliated with telekinesis.[1]

Knights of PlagueEdit

After the Knights of Plague began recruiting mutants to help them overthrow the government, Salt became one of them. Not only did he believe in the Gladiator's cause, but he knew he would receive greater access to victims. Although considered to be a Knight of Plague, Salt was shown more disrespect than most, yet he continued to work as the Gladiator's weapon. The Gladiator may have recruited him because while he considered Salt a minority, the latter was too valuable of an accomplice not to have in his ranks. Despite being disrespected by most, he was respected, or at least accepted, by Nolan Giles.

Salt was used as a weapon by the Gladiator, who would often use the man to intimidate individuals to do his bidding, threatening to send Salt to attack their children. He would also recruit more mutants to serve the Knights of Plague.

In 2019, during the Second NoHead War, an unidentified singer was captured by robot soldiers. Augustus Salt caught him escaping, and personally murdered him.

A celebrity named Rocken Role worked with the other members of the band the singer worked with. The results of their collaboration was a live performance and a new single, “Drink and Rob”, whose earnings were used to investigate the individual’s murder along with Sheriff Bladepoint and Darren Slade. In September of the same year, Slade brought Augustus Salt to trial and convicted, and the case was solved. He was thus confined in Beta Prison.

S.M.S.B.-Knights of Plague conflictEdit

Return to Transylvania Quarters Edit

By the summer of 2041, Salt and many other mutant criminals escaped from Beta Prison, and returned to service with the Dark Lord. The Gladiator had made his retaken home their headquarters. Salt was sent to "assist" Becca Smith, though Smith treated him like a servant. She forced him to clean the Manor and serve food to the Gladiator's guests, while refusing to let him in on their meetings. Though very dissatisfied with Smith's abuse, Salt found little courage to argue or request the Dark Lord for reassignment, and seemingly had to obey out of fear. Smith even went so far as to spank him on his buttocks when he interrupted her discussion with Eve. In the same discussion, Salt had been forced to serve Eve wine.

A few months later, Salt was acting as monitor for those imprisoned in the cellar there. He also helped to capture Alicia, and during this time he addressed her with both cannibalistic and sexual overtones. During the subsequent Meeting at Transylvania Quarters he was ordered by the Gladiator to keep an eye on Alicia and make sure she remained silent. At one point, his telekinetic grip began to falter, and Alicia began whimpering, infuriating the Gladiator. Salt quickly tightened his grip. He along with all the other Knights of Plague present watched as the Gladiator murdered her with lightning and fed her body to Nagatha.

Battle of Transylvania and DeathEdit

Augustus Salt participated in the Battle of Transylvania in 2042. During the battle, Salt temporarily separated from the other Knights, because he wanted to help John who was incapacitated, as the Gladiator told him to "come here". He was paired with Nolan Giles, and they pursued Lindsay and Andromeda. After the members escaped into the Death Chamber, Salt swooped down and captured one of the S.M.S.B. members. However, after they were freed the fighting continued.

After Andromeda was killed, Force Baby furiously gunned down several Knights. Seeing this, Salt shook off any surprise, and thus proved harder to defeat. He kicked Lindsay aside, deflected Telekinibabe's sword, and fired beams at Force Baby, forcing him to dodge. However, a stray blast from the embattled George and Sebiscuits defeated him for good.

The Gladiator would be imprisoned shortly afterwards, heralding the end of the Knights of Plague.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Augustus Salt, having forsaken his humanity long ago, is driven by his animistic hedonism. During his capture of Alicia, his threats to her had both cannibalistic and sexual overtones. Despite his savagery, he does display fear towards those more powerful than him, as shown when he allowed Becca Smith to push him around (though he may have simply not wanted to deal with the Gladiator).

Salt takes advantage of his abilities and savagery, and stations himself near his targets. He enjoys attacking them and specializes in murdering children, hoping to prevent them from going against the Knights of Plague later in life. Despite his ideology of thinking Knights deserve blood, and his attempt to recruit more mutants for his cause, Salt would ultimately seem to be just a primal savage who enjoys killing. He has even been known to eat the corpses of his victims before, proving his cannibalism.

Not subscribing to the Knights of Plague's views on racial superiority, Augustus Salt was not treated with respect, despite being invited into the ranks of the Knights of Plague and permitted to wear their robes. This may have been because the Gladiator considered him a minority, yet he was too valuable of an accomplice not to have in his ranks. Salt showed clear resentment at the lack of respect he received but sided with the Knights because of the amount of victims he would be allowed to kill. Most Knights of Plague seemed to regard him with disgust, with Becca Smith spanking him for talking out of turn, though Nolan Giles seemed to respect, or at least accept, him for who he is.


Becca SmithEdit

Salt's relationship with Becca Smith was negative, to say the least. When the Dark Lord assigned Salt to work as her assistant, Smith took to treating him like a butler, forcing him to clean the Manor and serve food to the Gladiator's guests, while refusing to let him in on their meetings. She even spanked him for interrupting her once. Salt, though very dissatisfied with Smith's abuse, found little courage to argue or request the Dark Lord for reassignment, and seemingly had to obey out of fear of Smith, as he flinched as though Smith threw something at him when ordered to serve Eve wine. With the feeble protests Salt made proved his ineptitude and cowardice, Smith openly and contemptuously mocked him for it, showed his "assistant" no respect whatsoever, and regarded the treacherous savage as a negligible vermin.

Rudolph LestangeEdit

Augustus Salt was shown absolutely no respect from Rudolph Lestange. He reacted violently against Salt for trying to kill Master Intelligence in place of the Gladiator, though in all fairness Salt was not an official Knight of Plague, and therefore received little respect amongst any of them.


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