The attack on the MBH was the event that put an end to the Shadow Wars. In April, the Dark Flame broke in to steal the plans for the MBH. After incapacitating Baby Strength, the Dark Flame entered the basement, but the S.M.S.B. pursued. Lindsay Kellerman attempted to shoot the Dark Flame, but the villain knocked her out and proceeded to best Sebiscuits Cardarphen in a sword duel. Kellerman then drew her sword and attacked the criminal, who eventually dealt her a severe wound to her face to end the duel.

Master Intelligence intervened and engaged the villain at close quarters. The resulting three-hour long battle ended in a draw when both of them disarmed each other at the same time. The Dark Flame attempted to kill Lindsay, but Master Intelligence blocked his death blow, sacrificing himself. Kellerman angrily engaged the Dark Flame in a duel alongside Cardarphen. The Dark Flame took out Lindsay, but Sebiscuits finally overpowered Dark Flame’s defenses and slammed his own sword against his neck, killing him and avenging Master Intelligence's demise.

The battle and Master Intelligence’s death had a great impact on the world. After his death, Lindsay became the new leader of the S.M.S.B., as she had been promised over a century before.


Decades before the legendary battle, Thomas Meyer had come to New York City to stay with his great aunt, Myra Gordon. He became friends with the twenty-four year old Master Intelligence, and they both became obsessed with the powerful artifact called the Sword of Abomination. Already having wind of his powers, Intelligence asked him if he wanted to join the S.M.S.B. After making arrangements, he did.

The plans became more and more far-fetched. Finally, Centauri began to question the S.M.S.B.'s reality, and expressed this to Master Intelligence. Baby Strength, a fellow member, intervened in the argument. Centauri quickly became enraged and the three began to duel. Force Baby was killed in the process. This caused the end of Master Intelligence and Centauri’s friendship, and forced Centauri to flee, going on later to become the Dark Flame and raise an Army in an attempt to continue his plan of domination.

The Dark Flame soon tracked down the legendary Sword of Abomination, stole it from its owner, and began to amass power. As his machinations played out over the next ninety years, he became one of the most powerful mutants in history, and a serious threat to the world.

The attackEdit

In April of 2180, the Dark Flame discovered the plans for the MBH. Using his powers to surpass security, he broke in to steal the plans. Baby Strength used his comlink to speak to Master Intelligence, warning him that the Dark Flame had arrived. At this moment, Master Intelligence knew that the duel had to be fought. Unfortunately, the Dark Flame took Baby Strength from behind, knocking him unconscious with a punch to the head. Master Intelligence shouted at Baby Strength in vain, and proceeded to alert the others and search his bedroom for the Dark mutant. In the basement, he found his enemy hiding under a table. The Dark Flame immediately grabbed and throttled Master Intelligence, who began screaming. The cries of pain roused Lindsay Kellerman and Sebiscuits Cardarphen to action[1]; the latters arrived at 11:28 am.[citation needed]

Kellerman fired at the Dark Flame with a nearby gun, but the Dark Flame telekinetically hurled her against a wall, temporarily knocking her unconscious. Sebiscuits, horrified, rushed over, but failed to wake her. As such, Cardarphen brandished his sword and engaged the Dark Flame in a sword duel, but he was overpowered. The Dark Flame jabbed him with his elbow and slashed him across the back, incapacitating him.

Lindsay drew her sword and proceeded to attack the criminal. The Dark Flame initially held the advantage, using his rage to an advantage. Kellerman spent part of the duel in retreat, defending herself against the Dark Flame’s advances. The two locked sabers and the villain taunted her about her hair. This backfired, however, as Lindsay was unconcerned about her appearance and the taunt only served to reassure her of her own power: she began to draw on her powers to hone her attacks, and moved onto the offensive, delivering powerful, heavy attacks against her enemy. However, the Dark Flame drew upon his own powers and regained the offensive, and the tide of the duel remained in his favor. Ultimately the Dark Flame was able to overpower Lindsay and deal her a severe wound to her face while severing her sword into two. By this point Lindsay had taken too many wounds to continue standing, but she still struggled in vain to rise again.

The duel Edit

Master Intelligence intervened and engaged the villain at close quarters. The Dark Flame immediately fired a death beam, which Master Intelligence blocked before igniting his sword. The resulting three-hour long battle, fought with both swords and superpowers, was one of the most well known duels in the world. At one point, Lindsay Kellerman got too close to the duel, necessitating that Master Intelligence telekinetically repel her away whilst deflecting a torrent of lightning. The duel also proved to be one of Master Intelligence’s most famous moments, with him losing his life soon after being disarmed. According to Colby Doge, eye-witnesses proclaimed that it was the greatest duel of all time.

The fight ended in a draw when both of them disarmed each other at the same time, by means of a telekinetic blast from Master Intelligence fired at the same time as a death beam from the Dark Flame. Upon being disarmed, Master Intelligence remembered what he and the Dark Flame were fighting for and attempted to talk his former friend out of his destruction. After a brief moment of emotional struggle, the Dark Flame activated the weapon and brought it down on Lindsay. However, Intelligence leaped in front of Lindsay and the sword passed through his chest instead. As Lindsay and Sebiscuits watched in horror, the Dark Flame slammed Intelligence’s corpse through the window for a ten-story fall. With that, Master Intelligence died at the age of one hundred sixty.

Lindsay angrily called the Dark Flame a monster for murdering his own master and only friend. She and Sebiscuits engaged the Dark Flame in combat, attacking relentlessly. The Dark Flame met their attacks with his own, and both sides seemed to be evenly matched. When the Dark Flame backed away for a moment, Lindsay and Sebiscuits hurled their swords at him. The villain deflected both of the blades, which were caught by Cardarphen. After a brief flurry of swordplay, Sebiscuits tossed Lindsay her sword and they attacked again. However, Sebiscuits, in an attempt to cut the Dark Flame's handle in two, accidentally missed the villain and sliced through Kellerman's handle instead. Lindsay was then blasted into the doorway leading into the chamber. Sebiscuits furiously rounded on the Dark Flame. He attacked him with rage and hatred, raining down fast, heavy power attacks against his opponent. The Dark Flame easily countered his strikes, but eventually began to struggle. Attempting to rally, Sebiscuits sidestepped his enemy before pulling him into a bladelock. The antagonist broke the contact and attacked again. With his strength and aggressive sword technique, Sebiscuits finally overpowered the Dark Flame’s defenses and slammed his own sword against his neck. The antagonist fell back and died. In an act of vengeance, Cardarphen telekinetically thrusted the Dark Flame through a window.


The battle and Master Intelligence’s death had a great impact on the world.

After his death, Lindsay Kellerman became the new leader of the S.M.S.B., as she had been promised over a century before.


  • Master Intelligence killed
  • The Shadow War ends
  • Lindsay becomes the new leader of the S.M.S.B.


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