The first attack on the MBH was an attempt by Hell Burnbottom and Mean King to raid the MBH. It occurred on 16 April,[3] 2020.


After the First Battle of Yellowstone, Hell Burnbottom prepared to invade the MBH, headquarters of the S.M.S.B. Terrified at the prospect of facing the babies again, Brute Gunray contacted Burnbottom and presented the situation. Burnbottom ordered Gunray to kill the babies at once, which they would do by landing their Rockets. With that, Burnbottom himself activated the Rockets and dispatched forty of them to the MBH, along with two Bratpros for good measure.

The battleEdit

Hell Burnbottom and Mean King came in person to oversee the carnage. They hijacked a system that activated toxic gas in the training chamber, a measure made to prevent any intruders from entering and damaging it. The toxic gas then flooded the ventilation system in the training room, and Gunray dispatched the squad of Rocket soldiers to ensure the destruction of the babies. The Rockets fired on Baby Intelligence and Lindsay Kellerman, but the babies were ready, clearing a path of destruction. Although the Rockets were formidable, the two proved more than a match for them. To Intelligence’s approval, he noticed Lindsay telekinetically slamming down three Rockets during the battle.

Fighting their way to the hallway upstairs, Intelligence sensed Hell Burnbottom and Mean King were behind the door leading to it, and he and Lindsay made for them. As Baby Intelligence began to cut through the blast doors to the bridge, Lindsay took down a few more Rockets. Mean King closed the bullet-resistant door between the NoHeads and S.M.S.B. Left with no choice, Intelligence began to cut a hole in the door with his sword. Suddenly, Bratpros rolled in, which were more formidable than Rockets, and Baby Intelligence joined Lindsay in fighting them. After deflecting several blasts, they closed the distance before using a special technique to pierce their shields, leaving them vulnerable to the babies’ decapitating strikes. Surprised and angered, Hell Burnbottom ordered Mean King away, and the latter was more than happy to comply.

Duel in the garageEdit

As Lindsay and Baby Intelligence ran for the Pinewood Derby, mere yards away, Lindsay began to tire. Turning around to encourage Lindsay to pick up the pace, he was shocked to see Burnbottom bearing down on them on his speeder bike. Lindsay quickly obeyed Baby Intelligence’s command to drop, just in time to avoid being skewered by Burnbottom’s speeder. As the speeder closed in on Intelligence, Burnbottom leaped off the bike at the baby, attacking before his feet had even touched the ground. Surprised by the villain’s speed and ferocity, Intelligence barely managed to block the attack. As Burnbottom landed, he quickly followed up with an overhand, which Intelligence deflected before attacking himself. As Burnbottom blocked Baby Intelligence’s blow, Intelligence ordered Lindsay to get onboard the ship and tell them to take off.

As Lindsay did so, Baby Intelligence attempted to launch his own offensive, but Hell Burnbottom easily brushed off his overhand and unleashed his own frenzy of attacks. Intelligence was viciously driven back, barely able to protect himself, as he did not expect the attack and struggled defense against Burnbottom’s furious sword technique. Despite his own valiant efforts, Baby Intelligence simply could not find an opening.

When Lindsay boarded the ship and informed the crew of the situation, they attempted a rescue, flying low towards the fight with the boarding ramp lowered. As Baby Intelligence blocked a leaping slash from Hell Burnbottom and countered, he saw the ship approaching. Disengaging from the villain, Intelligence quickly leaped aboard, getting inside just as the hatch closed and the car accelerated. As the Derby streaked for the heavens, Burnbottom was left fuming in the garage.


The S.M.S.B. escaped from the wrath of Hell Burnbottom and headed for Wyoming. However, Burnbottom, who had been left in the MBH, exposed it to the rest of the NoHeads, forcing the S.M.S.B. to move around in the wild for the next few weeks. Hell Burnbottom later attempted to avenge his loss at the Battle of Yellowstone when he seemingly murdered Baby Intelligence in a sword duel in Yellowstone, which took place during the occupation of the NoHead base. Burnbottom was later defeated by Lindsay Kellerman and died in the process, having been sliced in half and falling down the Unterwelt Void. However, he would come back to life many years later.


Notes and referencesEdit

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