"No deaths, but they were rough... they used lightning on Savannah's family. Again, trying to find out where you went after you visited them."
Naay tells of the attack[src]

The attack on the Dukas residence was a short but violent skirmish at the home of Abram van Dukas and Riley Bell on 1 February, 2020. The attack occurred directly after the Attack on the Government at the height of the Second NoHead War.

History Edit

In the winter of 2020, Riley Bell and Abram van Dukas both sheltered the three remaining members of the S.M.S.B.


On the same night as the Skirmish at the Yellowstone Base, the NoHeads captured the State Senator, leaving everyone in disarray. With their new authority the NoHeads invaded several locations related to the police and its members, including the home of Deval Digglar (which was burnt down). The Dukas family residence was one such target because they had harbored Baby Intelligence. Although Abram and Riley were tortured by lightning, they revealed nothing.