The Attack on Pennsylvania was a skirmish that occurred during the Shadow Wars in 2137.


After a previous attack from the Knights of Meyer, the Team of Terror took shelter in a camp.

The attackEdit

The leaders of the Team of Terror, Anakin and Jay Organa were dispatched to help the Team of Terror evacuate the camp they had taken shelter in. A sentry had discovered the presence of the Knights of Meyer and reminded them they were planning to leave anyway. However, the Knights, led by Captain Photon, found them leaving, and the Team of Terror chose to stay and fight.

In the skirmish, Photon, whilst dodging a bullet, placed bombs onto an extension bridge just as Anakin Organa escorted the others across it. He and Jay were able to save the other members of the Team of Terror, but before they themselves could cross, Photon detonated the explosives, causing the bridge to burst in half, leaving the Organa brothers dangling on the far end. Since the bridge could not support both of them, Jay chose to sacrifice himself, letting go to save Anakin. As Anakin screamed in terror, Jay fell down to his death. Despite this crippling blow, the Team of Terror was able to defeat the Knights of Meyer, though Captain Photon escaped.


The loss of his brother depressed Anakin, who returned to the Team of Terror’s initial headquarters in tears. Teryn Weber noted that he would not even speak to anyone for two days after Jay's death.