Master Intelligence

Then he twisted the angle of his sword and ignited it, and it plunged through the chest of Master Intelligence.

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Script errorThe attack on Palmyra was an assault carried out against Palmyra, a small city near New York City, by the Knights of Meyer during the Shadow Wars. The assault was led by the dark mutant the Dark Flame, who had been seeking a map that would lead to the location of the MBH as well as its weakpoints for which it could be destroyed.

History Edit

As four elite Flame squadrons descended on Palmyra with a force of eighty Knights of Meyer, Jason Grover received the map from his grandfather and formerly the heir to the throne, Eegan Grover. Eegan attempted to flee prior to the assault but his G-30 skyfighter was disabled by the attacking Knights of Meyer, despite his granddaughter Sue’s warning just before the assault began.

During the battle, the Knight KM-15 witnessed the violent death of his fellow soldier KM-8 at Eegan Grover's hands, which led to an awakening of his conscience and opened his eyes to the brutality of the Knights of Meyer, which would eventually lead the Knight to abandon the Order.[3]

Meanwhile, at Jason’s urging, Sue and Britney Grover, his two sisters, successfully hid with the map in tow from Palmyra as their brother joined the battle. The townspeople of Palmyra were overwhelmed and captured before Eegan was brought to the Dark Flame himself, who slew the man when he refused to turn over information on the map. Jason was subsequently captured and taken aboard the Dark Flame’s Resurgent-class capitol ship, Defilement, meanwhile Captain Photon and the Knights of Meyer executed the remaining townspeople.[3]


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