The attack on New York City was a minor conflict that took place on 2 April, 2032,[2] during the Third NoHead War, in which all three of the Elite NoHeads led by Hell Burnbottom Apparated across New York City, stormed into Broadway Street and destroyed several establishments, and then proceeded to tear the Brooklyn Bridge down.[4][1]

The attackEdit

Broadway StreetEdit

File:NoHeads at Thames Metalle TXC2.jpg

On the day of the attack, the NoHead Sign appeared over New York City and, moments later, all three of the Elite NoHeads stormed through Park Avenue, and broke into Broadway Street.[1] For as of yet unknown reasons, they ransacked Flora Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, killing Flora Fortescue herself.[3] They also assaulted Thames Metalle and the blacksmith chose to come with them quietly. Apart from a few pieces of debris and a bullet embedded in the wall, no signs of struggle were left to be found.[1] Taking stacks of guns to arm their fast growing legions with them, the Elite NoHeads proceeded to quickly Disapparate.[4]

Brooklyn BridgeEdit

File:NoHeads destroyed the Brooklyn Bridge.gif

To finish the job, the Elite NoHeads proceeded to Apparate to Brooklyn Bridge, on Hell Burnbottom's orders.[4] They flew around the bridge in a spiral motion to create a twisting and buckling movement on the bridge walkway.[1] The cables snapping, the bridge undulated and twisted intensely, pulling free of its piers, ultimately splitting in half and crashing violently into the river below, killing some Muggles who were crossing the bridge at the time.[5]


Notes and ReferencesEdit

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