Professor Anthony Ruth (b. 6 July, 1954) was a German male Fobble and an accountant and Professor of architecture who tutored Bailey Dennings, Daniel Murrell, and Carol Wilcox when they followed similar careers. While working alongside them, Ruth came into contact with the Police Grand Army when Baby Intelligence converged, only to be tailed by deadly forces.

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Born in or somewhere near Germany on 6 July, 1954, Anthony Ruth was an architecture student. He presumably graduated and became a Professor.

Second NoHead War Edit

Eventually, Ruth took up an apprentice, Bailey Dennings, a young and quirky girl who trained with him in accounting though she was much more interested in architecture. Eventually, Dennings introduced him to a girl named Carol Wilcox and the latter's dog, Gobbles. Ruth gave Wilcox work on the condition that she was able to go to the Dancing Dorm and acquire at least two thousand dollars there. Eventually, Carol found her way into the Dancing Dorm and successfully acquired the money.

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Anthony Ruth is a world-renowned professor, specialized in the field of accounting. In 2020, he became one of the world's most important experts in various forms of energy.

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