Annabeth body

The Life and Legends: AnnabethEdit

I don't know anything. I just looked at the cage, and a beam came out of my hand!
It's all right, Darren. Your secret is safe with me. Come, give me a hug, trooper.
I may be a NoHead, but I will never forsake the ones who I love.

The Life and Legends: The Gladiator Edit

'(simulacrum) You're a monster. A dead body.
We're alive.

The Super Babies: Book I: Pride of the Super BabiesEdit

The Dark Lord will be proud of us.

The Super Babies: Prequel II: The Second HeroEdit

Good for you. Because I have prepared a grand roast... ON YOUR ASS!!'

Baby Intelligence: He can read minds?

Annabeth: Just like Bartholomew Gales, you have no subtlety, child. You do not understand fine distinctions. Only Muggles talk of 'mind-reading'. The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by any invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing, Baby Intelligence ... or at least, most minds are ...

The Super Babies: Prequel III: The S.M.S.B.Edit

Sean: He... he betrayed us!

Annabeth: What are you talking about?

Sean: Mr. NoHead offered us riches and the chance to rule the world. But instead we're on the run, unable to return home for the time being. What do you think of it?

Annabeth: NoHead is a good man, Sean. War can put anyone under stress.

I told you that you should reconsider.
It'll be all right, Sean. I promise, it will.


A connection exits between you and Sheriff Bladepoint. Whether or not he knows this remains unclear. I pray he will remain unknowing.
Used properly, the art of mind resistance will help shield you from your inner conflict. During your training, I will penetrate your mind. You will attempt to stop me. Prepare yourself! Concentrate, Gales. Focus!

Annabeth: Aww. How sweet. Barty: "Stop it! That's private!" Annabeth: "Not for me, it isn't. Every thought is a weapon that can make you question your loyalties. You wouldn't last for two seconds on the battlefield. You're just as weak as your mother. Not to mention Zach himself. Arrogant, self-centered, pathetic!

Bartholomew: How dare you! Annabeth: Moronic, sociopathic. You're a mere weakling!" Barty: "Annabeth, I'm not weak!" Annabeth: "Then prove it! So, you're not vulnerable?

Bartholomew: Stop it!

Annabeth: You call this mastery?

Bartholomew: Please, kid. We've been practicing for two hours now!

Annabeth: You clichéd, weak, two-of-a-kind conflicted teens forever whining about how miserable their lives are. Well, you may not realize, but life is not all sunshine and parents giving in. Only a fool would not know that!

Bartholomew: Shut up already!

Annabeth: So be it! ENOUGH!!! Enough. What are you doing? Get out of here! Now! You will receive no more lessons from me.

Barty: Fine by me.

Annabeth: I said, get out! I don't want you in my room ever again.