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Throughout her life, Annabeth has had several mixed relationships with a variety of people. Her strongest relationships are with: Sean, Qamar, and (on her side) Mr. Stupid NoHead.[1]

Family Edit

Parents Edit

Annabeth's relationship with her parents was positive, albeit somewhat indefinite. They were both alarmed and impressed when Annabeth seemed to mature very quickly. Her mother did not react negatively at all when her powers were revealed, leading to an accident at the zoo - she even took her to eat out that day so she would feel better. In 2014, Annabeth left her parents and joined Mr. Stupid NoHead. Her parents insisted that she could not join the dark side, but NoHead killed them to silence the matter and proceeded to Disapparate away with her. Annabeth seemed quite upset over the event, though she recovered quickly.

Jacob Bell Edit

It is possible that Annabeth was on good terms with her other cousin, Jacob, who was a NoHead and rechristened Mr. Odious NoHead during the First NoHead War. Odious initially espoused the pure-blood supremacist line associated with his family. It is unlikely that he revealed his change of heart to Annabeth, or anyone else, prior to his disappearance in 2007.

Becca Smith Edit


Annabeth appeared to have a fairly affectionate and close relationship with her cousin Becca. The two fondly called each other by their nicknames of "Anna" and "Becky". Becca was also one of the only people who was able to question Annabeth's authority without unleashing the latter's anger.

Riley Bell and Brooklyn Gales Edit

File:Riley Bell.jpg

Annabeth did not hold her cousins Brooklyn Gales or Riley Bell in high regard, presumably because they were both "power traitors" who were disowned by the Bell family. Becca claimed that she and Annabeth had not seen Riley since she married Muggle-born mutant Abram van Dukas, which would have occurred in the 1990s. For her part, Brooklyn held her cousin in contempt for her prejudiced beliefs.



Although Sean instantly had a crush on Annabeth, Annabeth did not feel the same way. After he saved her from a series of vines, however, the two were able to come clear. From there, she was on good terms with Sean. He was her best friend among the NoHead ranks, and she had almost as much respect for him as she did for leading authorities in the group.

Both of them confided in each other their greatest fears, and Annabeth was more than patient in letting Sean vent to her. Sean would return this form of affection. When Annabeth became afraid that two police would kill her in Pennsylvania, she immediately contacted him, telling him that she feared for her safety with police after her, and that she would prefer to travel to the Second NoHead Base with the other NoHeads in a convoy. Sean agreed with her and resolved to come back for her, indicating how much he valued her life. She valued his life as well, as shown when she relentlessly defended him from oncoming robot soldiers. When they returned to the Base, Annabeth got herself clean and immediately searched for Sean, who knew he could comfort her.

Sean was angry at their situation, and expressed this to her, who had more faith in NoHead than her friend did. When they were ambushed by a group of robot soldiers NoHead had turned against them, Annabeth and Sean were the last two survivors. Annabeth immediately fell into Sean's arms, still paralyzed with fear, before both of them were killed via missile. Ultimately, she died in his arms.




During her education, Annabeth was best friends with fellow student Alice. Both of them saw a lot in each other; for instance, they were insecure and socially awkward. They preferred to keep to themselves and were both wimpy (though both of them became stronger in the end). Both had similar hairstyles. Most of the other students laughed at them, even though they liked them.

Mr. Stupid NoHeadEdit

Mr. Stupid NoHead 2

Mr. Stupid NoHead, her Master and (on her side) friend.

Annabeth followed Mr. Stupid NoHead as soon as she was given the chance, fighting in his army during the Second NoHead War. However, NoHead did not take kindly to failure or disloyalty from her, though she had never actually failed him. Despite Annabeth claiming to be close to NoHead, and NoHead often referring to her as a friend and his “true family”, the Dark Lord saw her as little more than a disposable servant. Despite this, Annabeth was one of the few NoHeads for whom NoHead appeared to place any amount of genuine trust.

Like Mr. Stupid NoHead himself, Annabeth was not above denying any involvement in actions that could get her into trouble with the legal authorities of the community. Unlike most of the NoHead recruits, Annabeth was unwilling to switch her loyalties to avoid danger or punishment, and instead would have chosen to steadfastly support her presented views. Even in the midst of war, Annabeth remained loyal to NoHead, even while most of the NoHeads believed he had betrayed them. She swore that she would rather go to Beta Prison instead of publicly forsaking him.

Qamar Edit

Annabeth first met Qamar after Sean introduced him. Recently, her actions as a spy had indirectly led to the death of the boy's parents. Initially, Qamar detested her for her role in Ken's demise. Annabeth calmly pointed out that without her, he would not be a NoHead either. From there, Qamar forgave her. They saw each other rarely, but they still seemed to like each other.

Abalan Edit

Annabeth first met Abalan when her parents allowed the war-hardened man to move in with them. While they lived together, Annabeth became very close with her roommate. The two had a lot in common, and were able to sympathize about the Dark side. Annabeth was fully supportive of Abalan's decisions and respected his knowledge. He also sympathized with her passion for the Dark side, despite having renounced it.

Annabeth and Abalan would work very well together in 2012. Annabeth had left her parents to join Mr. Stupid NoHead and it was time for her to prove she was worthy of the mantle. The two went to "deal with" a group of police in Kansas. It is highly likely that Abalan was holding back despite thinking Annabeth looked even more beautiful in her new garb[2], but either way, their teamwork proved vital to the mission's success.[1]

After Abalan's death, Annabeth was much more upset than she was willing to admit.

Kenzie Edit

Annabeth and Kenzie became very good friends through the NoHeads. The two quickly realized that they had a lot in common and Annabeth once overheard her telling her friends that Annabeth had "always been really nice" to her. Kenzie was obviously very fond of Annabeth, and appreciative of her kindness and support. Additionally, Kenzie loved books, and spent much of her time with Annabeth in the NoHead library.

Mira Edit

Annabeth first met Mira in 2014, which the latter felt was an honor. Although Mira initially intended to use Annabeth to get her way into the NoHead ranks, the two became close friends, especially on Mira's part. Annabeth did seem to value her life.

X1 Edit

Like Laleh Clipso, Annabeth refused to believe that the clone was any different than the real Abalan. Upon discovering that X1 existed, Annabeth was elated, believing at first that the secret apprentice had somehow overcome death itself. It is unknown how she learned the truth, but even as her faith in the clone redoubled, she was saddened by the fact that Abalan's survival against all odds was proven to be false and that a clone had essentially replaced him.

Meanwhile, X1 fell in love with Annabeth for all the same reasons as Abalan did. Ever since his escape from the Gladiator, X1 began desiring to keep her in his life, to the extent that he started considering the idea of leading a rebellion against the Gladiator and the NoHeads. After the Gladiator was captured, they had to part for a time, though Annabeth would occasionally come visit him.

Enemies Edit

Zach KellermanEdit

Alice: "Well, Annabeth was a special case. I mean, she never lost an opportunity to hurt Zach so you couldn't really expect Zach to take that lying down, could you?"
Joseph: "And ye was okay with it?"
Alice: "I didn't really know too much about it, to tell you the truth, I mean, Zach didn't attack her in front of me, did he? Only later did I catch him in the act."
— Alice discussing her interactions with Annabeth[src]

From the beginning, Annabeth began a relationship of enmity and hate with Zach Kellerman and his best friend, Brooklyn Gales, throughout their school years. They detested each other almost instantly upon meeting for the first time on the school bus. Throughout their times at school, Zach and Brooklyn bullied Annabeth ceaselessly. Annabeth, in turn, never lost an opportunity to get one up on them whenever possible. Later, it is revealed that Annabeth and Zach would regularly pass snide remarks and taunts towards each other.

Annabeth's continued bitterness toward Kellerman and Gale even into adulthood became apparent in 2017, when she showed delight into comparing Bartholomew Gales to Zach, despite Barty not knowing who he was.[2]

Brooklyn GalesEdit

From the beginning, Annabeth began a relationship of enmity and hate with Brooklyn Gales throughout her school years. They detested each other almost instantly upon meeting for the first time on the school bus. Throughout their times at school, Brooklyn bullied Annabeth ceaselessly. Annabeth, in turn, never lost an opportunity to get one up on her or her friend, Zach, whenever possible. Annabeth's continued bitterness toward Gale even into adulthood became apparent in 2017, when she showed delight into comparing Bartholomew Gales to his mother and telling him that she was not the great woman he liked to believe she was.[2]

Baby IntelligenceEdit

Annabeth saw Baby Intelligence as her master's most hated enemy and despised him for the inexplicable threat he posed to the Dark Lord. She wanted him dead very badly, she even volunteered herself for the task of murdering him in 2019, until Mr. Stupid NoHead quietly stopped her. Despite this, the two had very little contact together; Annabeth only saw him once aboard the Wasp.[3]

Rotta Hecks Edit

Although they both served the NoHeads to destroy the police and conquer the government, Annabeth does not get along with Rotta Hecks at all, partly due to them both trying to win the approval of Mr. Stupid NoHead and mainly because Rotta's arrogant, rude, short-sighted and delusional traits, Annabeth once threatened Rotta, stating that if she ever pushes her too far she will kill the latter without hesitation. Rotta, on the other hand, dislikes Annabeth for no apparent reason, simply because of her withdrawn yet accepting personality.


Sebiscuits has been an enemy of Annabeth ever since he witnessed her killing Ray. Almost immediately Sebiscuits drew his sword and sliced a hole in the floor, deeming her not worth the time. They fell down into a NoHead fuel tank, the surrounding robots proceeded to take aim, but the experienced NoHead commander ordered her troops not to fire in order to prevent the fuel from ignition. Annabeth would later regret not killing Sebiscuits upon learning that the Mayor had been rescued by his hand.[3]

Others Edit

Darren SladeEdit

Darren first met Annabeth in 2019, and seemed to be charmed by her. Darren quickly found himself manipulated by her charm and the way that she preyed on his inner conflict, effectively turning him to the dark side. He immediately began to latch onto her, and Annabeth was willing to speak with him at times. Darren served her and Hell Burnbottom exclusively, though he quickly felt terrible for what he had done. He vented to her over his conflict, but Annabeth only replied that she was disturbed by his guilt.[1]

Bartholomew Gales Edit

Barty: "Stop it! That's private!"
Annabeth: "Not for me, it isn't. You're just as weak as Zach himself. Arrogant, self-centered, pathetic! You're a mere weakling!"
Barty: "Annabeth, I'm not weak!"
— Annabeth speaking to Bartholomew

Annabeth seemed to regard Bartholomew Gales coolly. On the other hand, Bartholomew had a crush on her. However, he was able to conceal this. Unbeknownst to anyone, he was willing to tell Mean King that he felt like she "doesn't even know I exist." During the brief period in which she gave private mind resistance lessons, Annabeth relished in forcing Barty to relive his worst memories.[2]

At one point, Annabeth learned about Barty's feelings for her, as well as the time he had sex. The visions also exposed Bartholomew's worst nightmare. Bartholomew shouted at Annabeth to stop, insisting those memories were private. Annabeth, however, only called him "just as weak as Zach himself", which she probably believed to be true. It is implied that he no longer liked Annabeth after their lessons came to a sudden end. However, by the time the Second NoHead War broke out, he had come to truly care for her. He seemed concerned when Annabeth's robots captured two traitorous relief workers, suspected of being police.

It is unknown quite how Annabeth reacted to Bartholomew's death.

More About Annabeth Edit

Main article: Annabeth

Annabeth (1996-2019) is a female NoHead. She discovered her powers at a young age, leading to trouble at the town zoo. In school, she had few friends, and she became the immediate enemy of Zach Kellermanand Brooklyn Gales, and was a frequent victim of their bullying. Annabeth developed a passion for the Dark side at a young age, which increased as her desire for revenge grew stronger. [1]

Mr. Stupid NoHead recruited her in 2014, and Annabeth gladly joined him, leaving her family behind. In the NoHead Base, NoHead showed her a selection of combat uniforms for NoHeads. Annabeth ultimately chose a leather crop-top and jeans, which would give her free movement on the battlefield. Annabeth would often skip out on training sessions, and as a result she was wimpy to some degree. In the mix, she also met Sean, and while Sean quickly developed a crush on her, Annabeth did not feel the same way. However, their relationship became much better after Sean saved her life aboard the Wasp. In 2017, she also spent time tutoring Bartholomew Gales, but their lessons came to an untimely end. [1][2]

Upon learning about Operation: Assault, Annabeth offered to help Mr. Stupid NoHead build the Robotic Monster that the plan necessitated. NoHead agreed, and the two of them built the robot in a special facility in the Wasp. Four months later, the robot was destroyed by Baby Intelligence. Annabeth served in the Second NoHead War, engaging in more secretive attacks to cripple the police, the government, and the S.M.S.B.

Despite her undoubted prowess, Annabeth met her end during Operation: Purge, though she had succeeded in her previous mission of poisoning Philadelphia. Apparently, no one knew about this, or that she had even joined the NoHeads. When Darren encountered the ghost of Mr. Stupid NoHead and refused to help him, NoHead called out, invisible to all but Slade, that Darren had just killed Annabeth, and then created a huge explosion which killed twelve Muggles in the process. Slade was arrested and sentenced without trial to Beta Prison by for the "murder" of Annabeth and the twelve Muggles, and for being in the service of the NoHeads. Annabeth helped the Gladiator in creating the Knights of Plague, giving him advice as a ghost.

Notes and References Edit

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