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"Anna Porter, stepping in to protect innocent Muggles; a real role model for any young man or woman."

Anna Porter was a female mutant who lived in the fifteenth century.


Upon learning of the witch burning, Anna felt inclined to repress her powers. She did not want anyone else to think she was magical, which she was afraid they would mistake it for. Despite this, she would occasionally use her powers to help with everyday problems at home, according to Alice.

In 1464, the Earl of Ren, the tyrannical noble who lorded over the village Anna lived in, decided to hold a Jousting Tournament on the grounds of his castle. Shortly before the match was set to begin, he ordered Edward, a young boy, to put up pennants and banners. In the process, Edward accidentally fell out of a tree, breaking his leg. In punishment for Edward's inability to attend the tournament, the Earl decided that Edward would be tied to a horse and forced to joust against him in the Jousting Tournament. On the big day, Anna sat among the crowd of spectators watching the match. As the Earl charged toward Edward, Anna projected the strongest shield of her life between them. Hitting the barrier, the Earl was knocked back, his horse toppling over onto him.[1]


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