As a teenager, Alice Shinner wore a black sweater on many different occasions.


The sweater was black and went down to right above Alice's slightly thick waist, exposing a small slit of her midriff. It had a pink 'a' on the front.


Alice bought this sweater at a Target store in Albany. When she and her parents were shopping, Alice found a black sweater that she felt augmented her physical appearance. After trying it on in the dressing room, Shinner was pleased with the results, and chose to take it home. She would wear it on several occasions, sometimes even wearing it indoors. This would cause an extent of embarrassment for her, mostly because of other students at school. After her inclusion into the police by Sheriff Bladepoint, she gave the sweater away. It is possible that Shinner owned and wore the sweater as a middle grader as well as a teenager though this is not confirmed.