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Sean: "Is the family obliterated, then?"
Qamar: "No. She had an aunt. A few years older than my mother."
— Sean and Qamar discuss Abigail[src]

Abigail was the mother of Qamar and the wife of Ken. In her childhood, Abigail had an older sister, according to Qamar.[1] At one point, Abigail married Ken. During the height of the First NoHead War, the two of them gave birth to a son, whom they named Qamar. Like her husband, Abigail was disturbed when she realized that the baby was born with a powerful connection to the dark side. She also considered Qamar to have an unusual amount of luck, and he usually made the correct decisions. However, Abigail was killed while protecting innocents from mercenaries, leaving Ken to raise their son alone.

Qamar told his new friend, Sean, about his parents in 2015. In 2019, Ken and Qamar had been killed as well. Thanks to Abigail's sister, the family was not entirely obliterated.

Personality and traitsEdit

Little is known about Abigail's personality, except the fact that she loved her son dearly.

Talents and abilitiesEdit

Abigail must have had some degree of fighting prowess, as she was able to hold her own against several mercenaries at the same time.


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