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The following events occurred in the B.C. era:

  • c. 3048 B.C.: During Egypt's Early Dynastic Period, it serves as the location of the earliest known recorded mutants in the world.[1][2]
  • 2574 BC: The Battle of Zeureg is fought on the Empty Plains:
    • When the Impedance learned the Dark Lord was holding the city, they marched to Zeureg. The members of the group, led by General Bexeen, prematurely charged at the enemy and were driven back. Eventually, the Impedance was able to drive back the the enemy forces and the army's victory was near.
    • The Lord of the Stone himself came forth and slayed opponents Elsevir and Paladin. Then four-year-old Analdas appeared with his dog. The dog bit the Lord of the Stone on the leg and Analdas speared the Dark Lord's eye. The Lord of the Stone's power was broken heavily. Without their leader's dark will driving them on, the Dark Lord's armies flee.
  • A schism grows within the Warden between those of Eorza’s followers, and Folger. Eventually the two groups were defined by an ideology divided between the use of the Bonseite and the followers of the Deten.
  • The Egyptian monks reorganize as the Knights under the leadership of a High Council.
  • The Lord of the Stone dramatically escapes his prison and secretly murders Folger, allowing him to become King without anyone’s knowledge.
  • Holing up within Maseen, the Impedance fought the Fyre Ryders to the death, and were subsequently defeated, sending them into hiding. They ultimately relocated to the meager hold of Heiligtum.
  • 2573 BC: The Battle of Noawen is fought:
    • The Lord of the Stone learned, much to his delight, that the Impedance was located in Heiligtum. He and his forces immediately prepared to invade their headquarters and destroy their greatest enemies once and for all.
    • Against the Impedance was arrayed a large hordes of Fyre Ryders, sphinxes, giants, and imps. The Lord of the Stone's forces surrounded the House of the Impedance on three sides, with the giants on the left flank, the sphinxes held the center, and the imps on the right. Initially, the Lord of the Stone's forces found difficulty in getting to the Impedance, due to the large booby traps set up by Ae and Bee, which impeded their progress. The Impedance always had cohesive stability within their center and kept the Enemy from breaking through by force of numbers. The solid infantry squares of Stone infantry beat off their inferior sphinx opponents while the Fyre Ryders staved off the Slingers. The small force of giants launched a quick attack before being repulsed by the armies of King Holey while the larger imp force slowly retreated to the hills. By now, pressure had eased off of the flanks of the Impedance, who smashed into the lines of the sphinx-host, slowly beating them off and forcing a retreat back through the town dorders (though not without suffering sizable losses of their own).
    • The Lord of the Stone duels Analdas, bringing the former to defeat.
  • Tended to by healers, Analdas reconciled with his friends and promised never to reject them again. Deciding to help the Impedance destroy the remnants of the Kingdom of the Stone, who were hiding in the underlevels of the Castle of Stone, Analdas left for Jolbeg alongside Bob and Carlislie. Leonardo, meanwhile, Leonardo and Gummi the Bare took off for parts unknown, believing their destiny lied elsewhere.
  • 2572 BC: A tsunami destroys the Castle of Stone. What Fyre Ryders survived flee to Oceania, and the Impedance hunts them aboard generation chariots.
  • 2550 BC: The Prehistoric Cold War is fought:
  • 2496 BC: The Impedance settles in Libya.
  • c. 1445 — 425 B.C.: The Old Testament is written.
  • c. 1030 B.C.: In the Israelite-Philistine war, the Giant mercenary Goliath is slayed by a young boy with a slingshot.
  • c. 800140 B.C.:
  • c. 4th century: Dzou Shan, was born in China. He was famous for his work in alchemy.
  • 364 B.C.: Keme Vail claims that Talak Hord pulled a statue the size of an Egyptian pyramid to the ground.
  • 162 B.C.: The Ancient Roman Thames, starts the family's blacksmith business. The Thames family would be regarded as the best American blacksmiths until the late 1990s, at least.[3]
  • c. 72 B.C.: Jesus Christ is born.

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