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3 July is the 184th day of the year (185th in leap years). There are 181 days remaining until the end of the year.


Peter Hecks
  • 2019 (1 a.m.): With help from Peter, Dexter discovers that the factory they seek is owned by Caravan. While they are investigating further, Sean Cornelly arrives and lures the pair into an ambush. There, local battle robots appear and threaten the two police into surrendering. The incapacitated police are subsequently transported to Sean Cornelly’s headquarters. The two police are captured by Cornelly, who plans to hold them until the state Senator is ransomed. Unfortunately, the senator dies from a sudden heart attack. This panicks Sean’s assistant, who rushes into the room with the officers and argues with the pirate leader. During their quarrel, Peter breaks free from his restraints and summons his sword through the now-opened door. Peter then duels with Cornelly, before arresting the two pirates and returning to New York with his friend.[1]

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