The following events happened in the 2100s:


  • 2103: Wesley Carrier is captured in the night by the forces serving Mella Montgomery.{{
  • 2104: Both the Knights of Meyer and the Team of Terror search for the Map of Light.
  • Jason, Sue, and Britney Grover go to Palmyra to stay with their uncle, Eegan.
  • Knights of Meyer under the command of the Dark Flame and Captain Photon attack Palmyra. Eegan attempts to flee in his skyfighter, but a pair of troopers disable the engines and capture him. The Dark Flame kills everyone in the city with a tornado, slays Eegan, and captures Jason, leaving Britney and Sue behind.
    • A man agrees to watch over Sue and Britney.
  • Master Intelligence and the S.M.S.B. are trapped in a landslide. When Master Intelligence emerges from it, he learns that everyone is okay, just before encountering Rocken Role. After a brief talk, Role reveals that Wesley Carrier was captured by Mella Montgomery, before leaving in his car.
    • KM-15 chooses to defect from the Knights of Meyer.
    • The Dark Flame fails to torture Jason for the Map of Light's whereabouts, and thus uses his mind probing power to learn that Sue and Britney have the Map.
    • KM-15 rescues Jason and brings him home. Along with Sue and Britney, the two sneak through the airport and stow aboard an airplane, minus KM-15, who departs.
    • KM-15 is killed for his disloyalty.
    • In China, the S.M.S.B. realizes that Mella Montegomery is the head of a vast criminal empire, so they let Imperial scouts capture them. Eventually, the others manage to escape capture thanks to George Thames, though George dies shortly after teleporting everyone away to the Role estate. Afterwards, Britney, Jason, and Sue show up and are able to recover the device, to ensure the Dark Flame will not have it.


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