• 2070: The strong friendship between Centauri and Master Intelligence came to a sudden end. During a row, a three-way duel broke out between Master Intelligence, Centauri, and Baby Strength which ended in the accidental death of Force Baby.[1]
  • 2070: Centauri, now renamed the Dark Flame, broke into George Thames' workshop and stole the Sword of Abomination.
  • 2071: Wesley Carrier goes into retirement, while Rocken Role continues in his career.
  • 2071: The Asian Revolution begins.
  • 2073: Rocken Role executive produces, stars in, and contributes a song he was already working on for a movie called The Unborn Dopplehanger.
  • 2074:
    • April: Rocken Role fronts the remaining members of Nirvana for a performance of “People In The Spirit” for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He joins the band again later that night for its surprise concert at St Vitus.
    • Role becomes the first to win the Sun God Award.
    • 24 April: Alternative Press magazine holds its first-ever Alternative Press Music Awards, and Rocken Role receives the AP Icon Award.
  • 10 November, 2075: The album Supersonic Arachnids is released.
  • 2076: George joins the Knights of Meyer.


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