The 2040s was a peaceful time in the world, following the demise of the Knights of Plague.


  • The Gladiator and his Knights of Plague hold a meeting at Transylvania Quarters, where the Gladiator resides. Alicia is murdered.
  • Concurrently, Alyssa Smith joins the S.M.S.B. and is rechristened as Andromeda.
  • 2040: Mattel releases a Rocken Role doll. The name and likeness of Role is used with his permission.
  • 2041: Fredrick is forced into the Hall of Domination. The moment he touches the orb, the defenses around it were triggered, as Fredrick had left his position. Fredrick suffered Taboo damage that affected his mind, causing him to believe he was a teapot. However, the shock of it lifted the possession.
  • 2041: Russell Stewart is arrested for trying to break into the Hall of Domination.
  • 2041: Fredrick Powell’s condition takes an upturn, and his health begins to steadily improve. Upon learning of this, the Knights of Plague, unable to risk Fredrick getting better and exposing their plan, send him an anonymous “get-well-soon present” — a potted plant and a calendar. Because she is so busy, the Healer in charge of the ward at the time, Martha Strout, overlooks the plant’s dangers and leaves it on Fredrick’s bedside cabinet table.
    • Martha, noticing Fredrick’s improving speech and mobility, encourages Fredrick to look after the plant himself, unaware that that the “plant” is a disguised cutting of animate vines.
    • One night, the plant, touched by the convalescent Fredrick, throttled him instantly, causing Fredrick to asphyxiate.
    • Fredrick is discovered dead in his bed the next morning, and Healers are immediately called to the scene, though are unable to revive Fredrick. NYC Hospital, as a result, promises a full inquiry, though are unable to account for the presence of the plant, and Martha is suspended on full pay.
  • 2041: The S.M.S.B. is attacked at the MBH by Nagatha and narrowly escape the Gladiator.
  • 2041: Thomas Meyer comes to stay with Myra Gordon.
  • 2041: Percy is attacked by Nagatha in the Hall of Domination.
  • 2040: Master Intelligence encounters the Gladiator and engages him in a duel. The Gladiator parries his initial attack and then tortures his enemy, but when it doesn't work, he tried to murder him using his sword. Their swords' mystical connection causes their swords to interlock, which creates an effect called Pitial Defilatelum. After a battle of wills with the Gladiator, Red X blasts the Gladiator away. She then grabs Master Intelligence's hand and they are able to escape.
  • 2040-41: Alicia conspires to have Transylvania Quarters torn down.
  • Sebastian Lestange possesses government official Fredrick Powell and prepares to send him to take the orb.
  • 2041: Feeling threatened by Alicia and her Muggle revolution, the Gladiator sends Monroe to stop her from sending in the message to destroy their base. After Monroe fails to capture her and Alicia proceeds to the Town Hall, the Gladiator tells the former he will be punished later, before going in person with Becca Smith. Together, they invade the Town Hall, and locate Alicia. Before Alicia can send the message, Becca and the Gladiator capture her.
  • The S.M.S.B. members thwart the Gladiator's plans to steal the Orb of Power and the Battle of Transylvania ensues. Three Knights of Plague are captured; the Orb is destroyed, and Becca Smith and Andromeda are both murdered.
  • Later on, Master Intelligence befriends Thomas Meyer during the latter's stay in Myra Gordon's house.
  • 2046: Rocken Role and Wesley Carrier perform in Sacramento, California.
  • 2048: Rocken Role and Wesley Carrier are the opening act for a Canadian tour.
  • 2048 - Role and Carrier are part of the lineup for the Australia’s The Falls Music & Arts Festival in Australia.
  • 2049: Rocken Role and Wesley Carrier's last day as part of the lineup for the Australia’s The Falls Music & Arts Festival, in Australia.

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