The year 2019 saw the first half of the struggle between the Order of the NoHeads and the S.M.S.B., and the beginning of the Second NoHead War.


April Edit

  • The Lynch and Stewart families attend a family reunion.
  • The majority of the aforementioned families, amid others, are destroyed.
  • Baby Strength and Force Baby become orphaned.



Peter Hecks

July Edit

  • 2 July - Peter Hecks and Dexter are assigned to protect a politician from pirates who were kidnapping powerful figures for ransom. Pirates attack the vessel, and the politician is kidnapped despite the actions of the two police. Like Dexter, Peter suspects that the security weaknesses and malfunctions on the senator’s craft has been deliberate sabotage, since the craft had recently undergone security. He traces the sabotage back to the responsible factory in Maine.
  • 3 July (1 a.m.) - With help from Peter, Dexter discovers that the factory they seek is owned by Caravan. While they are investigating further, Sean Cornelly arrives and lures the pair into an ambush. There, local battle robots appear and threaten the two police into surrendering. The incapacitated police are subsequently transported to Sean Cornelly’s headquarters. The two police are captured by Cornelly, who plans to hold them until the state Senator is ransomed. Unfortunately, the senator dies from a sudden heart attack. This panicks Sean’s assistant, who rushes into the room with the officers and argues with the pirate leader. During their quarrel, Peter breaks free from his restraints and summons his sword through the now-opened door. Peter then duels with Cornelly, before arresting the two pirates and returning to New York with his friend.
  • 18 July - Mr. Stupid NoHead reveals himself to the public. Baby Intelligence and Mr. Stupid NoHead duel for the first time.
  • 1 July-18 July: The MBH is built.
  • 23 July - Bomb Man is arrested.
  • 24 July - The Battle of the Wasp is fought:
    • Baby Intelligence learns that Rotta Hecks (his mother) and Annabeth Black (his best friend) are both NoHeads.
    • Sebiscuits Cardarphen and Baby Intelligence's mission to rescue Mayor Katie Black proves to be successful, as Cardarphen barely manages to crash-land the Wasp in the streets.
  • 25 July: Sebiscuits joins the S.M.S.B.
  • 25 July: On Mr. Stupid NoHead's orders, Rotta Hecks begins the construction of a new NoHead base.

August - October Edit

  • Using the Device of Teleportation, Elise Mentum conducts an experiment to travel back in time for more than a few hours. For five days she is trapped in the year 1419. When she is retrieved to the present, she dies.
  • Mentum's excursion to the past provokes a great disturbance to the life paths of all those she met, changing the present so dramatically that no fewer than twenty-five of their descendants vanish in the present, having been "un-born".
  • Time itself is disturbed. Tuesday following Elise's reappearance lasts two and a half full days, and August, September, and October shoot by in the course of a single day, leading up to November.

November Edit

  • Paige Nelson and three police attempted to arrest Mr. Stupid NoHead after the S.M.S.B. attacked the NoHead Base, but failed and were killed by NoHead. Paige was defeated only with assistance from the manipulated Sebiscuits. Sebiscuits subsequently became NoHead's new apprentice.
  • The robot soldiers led by Sebiscuits raid the police station.
  • A robot squad collected an energy crystal towards the end of its battle to power the NoHead Base's superlaser.
  • A homing beacon in the police station was altered by Baby Intelligence to preserve the Grand Army.
  • Sebiscuits dueled Baby Intelligence, and was picked up by Mr. Stupid NoHead after being disarmed. He proceeded to remotely deactivate the NoHead Rocket Army, allowing for Rocket soldiers to take their place.
  • Sebiscuits meets Hell Burnbottom.
  • Mr. Stupid NoHead murders Zach and Bridgett Kellerman, but his lightning rebounds off Lindsay Kellerman, his target. He leaves in anger after failing to find her in the house.

December Edit

  • 20 December: The S.M.S.B. holds a secret meeting.
  • 21 December - The Battle of the Fourth NoHead Base takes place:
    • Together, the S.M.S.B. and the Rear Guard engage the Rocket army.
    • Mr. Stupid NoHead murders Rotta Hecks, despite feeble resistance from Rotta. He is ripped from his physical form by Baby Intelligence.
    • Paige Nelson is killed at Sebiscuits' hand.
    • The Rocket army is temporarily deactivated.

Unknown monthEdit

The lead singer and lyricist of a punk band is captured by robot soldiers. He manages to escape, but is then murdered by Augustus Salt.




Behind the scenesEdit

  • July: The X-Adults: Endgame: The Inferno Relit is scheduled for release.
  • The largest plothole in the 2019 continuity is that Baby Intelligence was three months old in January of 2020, yet he was born in June 2019, meaning he should be seven months old. This was later dissolved after D. Isaac Thomas revealed the existence of Elise Mentum in July of 2016.

Notes and references Edit

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