• Abigail engages a group of slavers and wins.
  • Annabeth is sent on duty as a spy. She learns of Abigail's fight and reports to Mr. Stupid NoHead hastily. As such, a large military force is deployed to Bridgeton, led by Mr. Stupid NoHead himself. Annabeth flees shortly before Ken is murdered, returning to the NoHead Base. After Ken's demise, NoHead takes his son, Qamar, after discovering the boy's power.

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  • Meghan Allen uses mind control on Tyler Grant Sr. to force him to fall in love with her. Meghan also gets hired on the Grant estate ostensibly to earn a living, but covertly to get close to Tyler, in which she can finally possess him.
  • In any case, Tyler becomes infatuated with her and they are married, running away to Albany together.
    • This event causes a great scandal in Palmyra.

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