• Rocken Role sings P!nk’s “So What” for a local singing competition in Stratford and won first place.
  • Role posts a video of the performance on his YouTube channel.
  • Thanks to Mr. Stupid NoHead, a new organization of robot soldiers resurface on New York City, as a resistance against the government. These robots attack the government in the State Capitol, only for members of the Government Defense Army to repel them. Nevertheless, the Defense Army takes down the resistance with Sheriff Bladepoint’s help. Everyone believes the robots were acting without orders, despite Bladepoint’s protests.
  • Following the battle, every official recording of the battle is erased and the Base remained virtually untouched as a monument to the government’s power as well as a warning to their enemies. The only official records of the battle come from an article on the police. No battle damage or vandalism is ever repaired. The building is used to store swords taken from many slain NoHeads.
  • Mr. Stupid NoHead charges Mean King with finding duplicate examples of documents recovered from the ruined Archives to authenticate the findings.
  • Mr. Stupid NoHead finds Rotta Hecks, who has a crush on him. NoHead manipulates her into killing her own mother, sealing her tie to the Darkness. Rotta joins the NoHeads, and she does several assignments for him and trains with him for the remainder of the year.

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