The 1990s was the time of Mr. Stupid NoHead's first rise to power. This time is remembered as one of the darkest ever, as the NoHeads ruled the entire solar system for most of the decade and part of the next. NoHead ruled his people with an iron fist, often committing genocide for little-to-no reason at all.

Additionally, many important figures in modern history were born at this point.


  • 1990: Mykew Hadeline begins her criminal career.
    • A battle is fought in the First NoHead Base between the forces of the NoHeads and the police. The battle is fought with the NoHeads' robotic fighters and police P-80 fighters. The goal of the police fighters is to disable and destroy the NoHead Base in order to prevent the base, which is charging up its superweapon, from destroying the police station and continuing a reign of terror.
  • 1994: Mr. Stupid NoHead realizes the decision of war was obvious and tells Mr. Crooked NoHead, his father, that he should go and massacre the police. Mr. Crooked NoHead authorizes this action.
    • Following this, Mr. Stupid NoHead goes to the police station, where he destroys all the police inside it. However, Bladepoint and Zett manage to survive the purge, along with a handful of others.
    • The First NoHead War comes to an apparent end.
  • 1996: Rachel becomes a member of the Fencing Club and is ranked number three on the Club's top-ten duellists list (behind Jamboga Pine and Roger Black).
  • 1997: Mr. Stupid NoHead is kidnapped by members of Sanct Security, which Mr. Crooked NoHead had made sure would occur by acknowledging his son as an acquaintance in public with Max as a witness.
    • Shortly thereafter, Ms. Bitter NoHead’s graduation takes place. During it, Mr. Crooked NoHead is nearly killed by assassins in a hit ordered by Max Tegan and Sanct Security.
    • As Crooked focuses his efforts to foil the kidnapping attempt and use it to locate Max, he is unaware that a second attack had been planned against him. Sage Preston is contacted by the assassins with the information, and immediately notifies Mr. Stupid NoHead. The two arrive at the Dark Lodge as Crooked, gravely injured and barely conscious, is lashing out against his attackers. All the others, including the employs at the front of the building, had been killed.
    • Mr. Stupid NoHead personally executes Max Tegan and many other members of the Gran Protectorate in the embassy.
    • The police are unable to find any culprits behind either incident, even though the Government Investigatory Committee forms a special task force to look into the matter in the wake of Senator Kim’s assassination.

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