The 1980s was the time of Mr. Ghastly NoHead's first rise to power. This time is remembered as a violent time of terror and bloodshed.

The NoHeads tortured and murdered many Duffles and Duffle-borns for sport. Due to extensive use of possession, it was hard to tell who was on which side. Aurora Black, the head of the Department of Law Enforcement, fought the NoHeads with an iron fist, often sending innocent people to Yeracade Prison without a trial.

This was also the time period when Roger Black and the rest of the Gang of mutants attended Superhero School.


  • 1981: Mr. Demonic NoHead finds the long lost datapad of Lord Smasa.
  • 1984: Bladepoint's path towards the police began when he left his home with a friend, who had discovered his potential, on an old airplane en route to New York City to seek employment. However, the plane is destroyed beyond repair and Bladepoint and his friend touch to ground safely. Doomed, but alive, they spend several days camping until their sensors pick up a nearby hotel. They go there on foot to get help. A male celebrity happened to be there, who reveals to them that he can help Bladepoint use his surprising potential to fight crime. He offers to train him, and a shocked Bladepoint agrees. The celebrity takes Bladepoint and his friend to his home where he trains Bladepoint to harness his talent and use it to its fullest, and also to learn self-control.
  • 1985: Not long after Bladepoint's training is complete, a police fighter picks up their distress signal and rescued the two friends. Departing the celebrity’s home, Bladepoint went to New York City where he would continue his training at the police station. Eventually, Bladepoint passes the trials and was equipped with a real gun.




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