• Mr. Demonic NoHead goes to find someone who posed a great threat to him, and pressures Suzie into joining him and the accompanying group of NoHeads. On the way to the house, they encountered a trench. Mr. Demonic NoHead uses an Extendable Bridge, allowing the hunting party to cross. However, the wizard who made the trench blocked their path. The wizard cunningly gives Demonic the metal tube, and gives the Arts to the NoHeads.
  • After killing the wizard, Mr. Demonic NoHead, Suzie, and the other NoHeads finish their journey. Demonic immediately uses the metal tube to kill the enemy he had set off to destroy. The NoHeads leave Suzie behind, her uses exhausted, but she is later rescued by Mr. Dire NoHead.
  • Mr. Dire NoHead becomes the Guardian of the Gates.


Notes and References Edit

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  2. The Second World War began in 1939, which is 1,347 BTC in Star Wars: The Old Republic's World Timeline, so the difference between the calendar based on the Nativity and the calendar based on the Treaty of America is 1,939 years. This date is derived using simple math based upon other confirmed dates.
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