The following events happened in the 1930s:

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  • 1935: Sheriff Bullseye defeats Lord Gorn, who is sentenced to life in Beta Prison.
  • 20 June, 1936: The Battle of the Appalachians occurs:
    • The depleted forces of the Legions of Metta engage both the police and the government. With the government aiming to capture a critical sector in the Knight War and receiving intelligence of a Mettan weapons facility in the mountains, the fighting begins.
    • The police and government forces plan a bold move to capture the Supreme Exterminator Prematurity, sending Lord Thole, Mazie Idele and a number of former Knights to board the ship and disable its hyperdrive and self-destruct mechanism, due to their knowledge of Super Exterminator layouts. The plan is a success, and Lord Sierra Hale has her troops evacuate before destroying the Super Exterminator onto the bottom of the mountain. However before the crash, Lord Thole stuns and carries her to an escape pod before the Prematurity crashes, bringing them both into government custody.
    • With the battle turning against the Legions of Metta, Mettan ships begin unleashing an irrational defense to prevent the government from capturing its secret research facility below. In a last-ditch effort, crippled Mettan ships use tractor beams to drag government vessels into the sides of the mountains. Upon impact with the stone, nearly the entire populations of the falling ships perish.
    • The battle soon ends when word of a peace treaty, the International Concordance, is signed. Nonetheless, the retreating Knights jump into the Unknown Countries.
    • During the battle, Smasa writes a long letter via computer to remember the battle.
  • July 1936: Over a month following the battle, the Legions of Metta do not attempt to instigate any other large-scale offensives with the government.

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