16 April is the 106th day of the year (107th in leap years). There are 259 days remaining.


  • 2020: The NoHeads attack the MBH; Hell Burnbottom and Mean King come in person to oversee the carnage. They hijack a system that activates toxic gas in the training chamber, which floods the ventilation system in the training room, and Gunray dispatches the squad of Rocket soldiers to ensure the destruction of the babies. After Baby Intelligence and Lindsay Kellerman cut them down, Bratpros roll in, and Baby Intelligence joins Lindsay in fighting them. The mutants use a special technique to pierce their shields, leaving them vulnerable to the babies’ decapitating strikes. Surprised and angered, Hell Burnbottom orders Mean King away.[1]


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  1. 1.0 1.1 Baby Intelligence checked his calendar before heading to bed. Days up to the sixteenth were crossed off.

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