"This is our galaxy. Its luminous disk is about a hundred thousand light years across and contains some two hundred billion stars — only a small portion of which have been thoroughly surveyed."
Ramona Meyer, teaching at Superhero School's first day of astronomy[src]

13,800,000,000 B.C. was the approximate year, firmly in the Cosmological era, in which it was believed that the Milky Way galaxy was formed from universal debris. Over the ensuing eons, star systems and planets formed within the galaxy, with life and sentience growing upon these worlds' surfaces, leading to the events of galactic history.

The galaxy in 13,800,000,000 BCEdit

By the year 13,000,000,000 BC, long before the U.S. Government was founded, the Big Bang had already taken place, creating the universe. Many believed that it was approximately the year in which a cloud of dust and gas within the universe that was one-hundred-thousand light years across experienced a gravitic collapse; the cloud coalesced to form a disk of the same dimension that revolved around an extremely massive black hole, the galaxy.

Notes and References Edit

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